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MG Maestro
The MG Maestro Turbo - This example now owned by Martin Woods,
(previously owned by Roger Parker)

Our 1989 MG Maestro 2.0 Turbo one of only 500 ever made, enjoying a rest from the road!
Gregor Watson & Luisa Fallon

Us in our 1988 MG Maestro 2.0 injection, enjoying a blast at the local racetrack's open day.
Gregor Watson & Luisa Fallon

A line up of modern saloons Duxford, UK - October 1995

MG Maestro 2.0 EFi under the nose of Concorde Again at Duxford. Owned by Kelvin Fagan

1989 Metro Turbo conversion and its interior Owned by Chris Glover

Driving my MG Maestro around Castle Combe circuit during the Classic Car Action Day on 19 August 1995 Chris Aplin

My MG Montego I've just joined the MGM group so youll see more of this car!! Owner, Stuart Whall, say's "I've just got back from spending 600 on a full roll cage and pair of rather nice front seats+harnesses".

Motobuild Montego, lots of interest was shown from the motoring press, the car featured in numerous magazines

The original 'Full Monty' this photo and the one above was a spy shot taken at Donnington Park

'K' registered MG Maestro,was this the last to ever be registered?

Very Clean MG Montego fitted with stylish MGF wheels

MG Montego Originally BRG! now Blue, pictured here at Duxford in 1997

Two fine examples of the 2.0 Efi Maestro

T16 engine fitted into an MG Montego

Racing Maestro at Snetterton

Racing MG Metro (1.3) Pictured here at Cadwell Park

MG Maestro 2.0 Efi is pictured here at the Harrogate MG show

Here's a Picture of my MG Maestro for the collection. It originally started off as an original Efi, but I've since added the turbo bodykit, monty turbo engine, some MGF alloys and the essential rear-headrests!

MG Metro Engine Bay, and a vey clean one at that!

MG Metro seen at the Harrogate MG show in 1997

MG Maestro Turbo that has had the Motobuild treatment!

Tickford MG Metro

New kid on the track Andy Mott went to Moto-build for some go faster bits for his MGF, and came away with a MG Maestro race car. Three more shots all taken at Luffield, Silverstone here, and here, also here!.

Chris Aplins Red MG Maestro Turbo at Silverstone

BRG MG Maestro Turbo at Silverstone

Turbo Trio, three of the five MG Maestro Turbo's seen at Silverstone in March 1998

White MG Maestro, at Snetterton, April 1998.
Front threequarter view    Side view    Tailend view!

BRG Efi, One of several nicely turned out cars which turned up to watch the MG racing at Snetterton, April 1998

Racing Maestro Could make a good screen saver for your PC (800 x 600) 114k

Cover Photo featuring MG Metro's. There is also a MG Metro Review from 'Enjoying MG' Magazine

Here is a spotlight feature on Gary Boxalls Montego Gary's Car is fitted with the Rover 220 Turbo Coupe T16i powerplant. The Side Profile of the car reveals little evidence of the major changes under the hood. The view of the Montego Bonnet might arouse suspicions that this is no ordinary Montego! Gary has replaced the fuel Filler Cap Here is a more general view of the Fuel Filler Cap In you think YOUR Montego is fast, Gary will soon put A Spoiler on that! Max power is in the region of 230bhp at 6100rpm. Top speed? 140+MPH !!

Myself or my brother own an MG Montego Turbo between us which we use on Knockhill Racing Circuit every month or so. Here are few scans which I hope will be worth the download time. If you are interested, then I will forward a complete spec, just email me. But to cut a long story short, its not a 16 valver & on the rollers 2 weeks ago (April 98) it had 217 bhp at the WHEELS at 5000 revs - It has a 3 inch Stainless exhaust. It annoys me no end with all the "Max Power" power claims making it seem not so amazing, but considering a "270 bhp chipped Cossie" has only 210 at the wheels, we are more than happy. - A view of the Switches & Dials
Here we are just taking out the engine one more time!!
This is the engine bay when its all put back together!!

Kelvin Fagan in his 2.0 Efi At Brooklands on the 'Test Hill'.
It's steeper than it looks!! 1 in 4 at the top! It was great fun!!!

Here is a picture of John Purvis's 1987 MG Metro Turbo
"Alas in my youthful ignorance, it was sold after a couple of years for a Golf GTI but as a much older and wiser man, I have now returned to the fold with a MGF VVC. My purchase of which was partially prompted by my fond memories of my 1986 MG Metro. This is such a nice picture there is a Larger version here ( 768 X 512 ) 129k

Motorsport is Dangerous! Pictured here is an incident which happened at Mallory Park, in May 1998 The marshals were on the scene quickly. Paramedics do a fantastic job. The driver of the MG Montegao, Cheryl Turnell suffered whiplash in her neck. The paramedic is inside the car fitting a neck support Cheryl is in good hands, she can be clearly seen smiling! The Maestro which ran backwards into the kerb, did so with such force, the kerbstone was destroyed. along with the cars rear suspension
The damaged MG Maestro is taken away

Darryll Davis of Motobuild 'Screensaver'

Larry Jerram-Croft's Race MG Montego @ Mallory Park, May 1998

Adrian Groocock' MG Maestro (no4), pictured at the 'Lake Esses' @ Mallory Park, May 1998. He qualified in second place.

K Registered MG Maestro In BRG seen @ Thruxton, race circuit June 1998. The cars owner Julie Clark used to race Maestros, but now races an MG Midget. Julie says she uses her MG Maestro as her daily car (takes the kids to school etc.) but also she uses it to tow the race car around the country, and it has proved very reliable.
At the time this picture was taken the car had done 103,624 miles.

Racing Action from Thruxton - Sunday June 7th
Adrian Groocock finished 6th in his MG Maestro EFI.
Next! this is Roy Osbourne at the wheel of a blue MG Montego with an MG Maestro right on his back bumper!! The MG Maestro of Robb Addison is quick! Robb took his second win of the season here at Thruxton (and it was his birthday too!) Here Doug Cole leads a pack of Maetros thru 'Club' chicane

The Maestro is sometimes described as a Hot Hatch!

Ex-Works MG 6R4 Rally Car - Yours for only 45000

Just a picture of my MG Montego EFI. I am only the second owner with only 38000 miles the car only had 20400 on the clock with some MOT's to prove when I bought 2 years ago. It has the LCD dash and voice module (very annoying until I switched it off) I will email a picture of dash if anyone is interested. dave-b@usa.net

This BRG 'G' Plated MG Mastro Turbo is owned by Mark Swallow. This is a Side View and finally a close up on the Front end!

This is another BRG, 'G' Plated MG Maestro 2.0 EFi. This one is owned by Robert Pulleyblank, known to his friends as 'Bobp' The Car looks in great shape!

Kelvin Fagan's F plated (1989) MG Maestro on a recent trip to North Yorkshire (summer 98) This car now has 105,000 miles on the clock. Despite the mileage F 653 AON still looks pretty good. As you can see from the blue skies the weather was pretty good!

I thought you may like a couple of pictures of D428 CHO
It's done 94,000 miles, low for a D reg MG Maestro
Jonathon Sellars says "please visit my homepage" to read about Project MG Maestro

Here are a selection of photo's of the Nitrous Injected MG Montego 'Evolution 300'
Front/Side View
Complete Engine Bay
Engine Bay/Front Right
Engine Bay/Centre
Engine Bay/Left
Full Frontal!!
Nitrous Bottles Tucked Away In The Boot
Pictures supplied by Stephen Murphy smurphy@smurphy.demon.co.uk
*PLEASE NOTE Stephen is not the owner of this car, but 'Evolution' did inspire him to do his Own Thing!

My name is Michelle & I was looking on the MG Owner's Club web pages recently, as my Dad, Phil is a member of the club and the proud owner of an MG Maestro Turbo, registration number "MGT 2L" ...which led me to this page and to your request for pictures of MG's ...so I thought I would send you a few pictures of my Dad's MG. The back view was taken at an MG show in July 1994 at Leatherhead, I'm not to sure about the other piccy's. The car was originally brought as a replacement of an everyday use car - and Mum and Dad were going to get a normal 2.0 EFi, until they set eyes on the Turbo and obviously they ended up buying the Turbo, and it now has pride of place in our family, and it is only seen out on special occasions and only when it isn't raining!!

Martin Woods recently treated his MG Maestro Turbo, nicknamed 'Hooligan', to a new set of MGF wheels Martin is seen here standing proudly by his pride and joy at the MG spares day at Sandown Park, in October 1998. Martin also owns an MGF, but has recently taken more interest in his MG Maestro Turbo, Martin is also an active member of the MG 'M' Group

Again at Sandown Park Spares Day, we spotted two Maestro Turbos for sale.
Firstly, there is this one in Red and secondly this one in British Racing Green

Martin Woods takes his MG Maestro Turbo around Mallory Park on a special test day. "This was the first opportunity to test out the new suspension and bushes to the limit! The Maestro Turbo handled admirably unlike some of the other cars there which decided to leave the tarmac in preference to the grass (MGF's and Porche and a formula Ford)!" Photo: by Steve Slivinski

This MG Maestro owned by Andrew Place, started life as an ordinary Austin Maestro, it has now been tastefully and expertly converted to MG specifications. Andrew recently saw his pride and joy feature on the front cover of the MG 'M' Groups Club Newsletter

Kelvin Fagan recently accquired an MG Montego Turbo and found himself the proud owner of Two MGs. This picture shows the two cars Side by Side Hopefully the Maestro which Kelvin has owned since November 93, will be going to a good home. Between Nov 93 and March 99, Kelvin clocked up around 55,000 miles in the 2.0Efi MG Maestro. The BRG MG MontegoTurbo it is hoped will prove as reliable as the Maestro was/is! As a photographer, Kelvin is able to supply plenty of pictures 1, 2.

Martin Woods recently obtained a third MG Maestro Turbo. He now has A White T16 Powered MG a car originally put together by Roger Parker for a couple of MG Maestro enthusiasts, from the Cambridge area. The day our photograher visited Martin, the car was having a full T-Cut, Wash and Blow Dry! Mr T is looking a lot cleaner!! The T 16 Engine looks really at home in the engine bay of the Maestro. Valet Complete and very smart it looks too

MG Montego Racer Scott Tanner, despite an horrfic crash, was totally unhurt. As Scott is taken to the medical centre, it looks worse than it is. The Ambulance took Scott to the medical centre for a full checkup. The next thing the marshals do is Remove The Car Just 15 minutes after the accident Scott and his Wrecked Montego are in the pits. Scott Chats with fellow racers who stop by to see that he is ok. The strength of the roll cage played a major part in the driver being able to get out of such a Badly Damaged racecar.As you can see Scott Tanner was unhurt, but perhaps still a little dazed. He is already making plans for his return.

Standard MG Montego alongside a Lowered MG Montego
Cars owned by Kelvin Fagan (standard car) Gary Boxall (lowered car)

Neil Turner seen here with his MG Montego EFi in action on an Autotest Once he gets the tyres spining there is plenty of Tyre Smoke The test is nearly over but Watch the cones These pictures were taken in 1998 at Great Messingham Airfield, Norfolk.

MG Maestro up Test Hill at Brooklands Motor Museum. Photography Chris Nevard

The following pictures were taken at Silverstone 99 and show Neil Turner competing in a 'Sprint' organised by the MGCC Here Neil has his Foot Down!! A few more yard down the straight and Neil is now Really Motoring! Neils parents were in the stands watching there son power around the Silverstone circuit. Neil did himself and his parents proud by getting 2nd Place in his class (thats Neil on the right!). Well done Neil!

This photo was also taken at Silverstone99 and features another MG Montego.
It is a BRG MG Montego Turbo and is being driven by David Smith
Sprinting is a relatively easy form of motorsport to get into, there is some more information Here

Racing MG Maestro Screensaver Nick Golhar at Anglesey Photography Kelvin Fagan

MG Montego goes to France. Kelvin Fagan pictured here at the gates of Le Circuit de Croix with his MG Montego Turbo. Kelvin & Neil Turner traveled to France to watch two rounds of the MGOC championship. Photography Neil Turner

Music Maestro please! This is a rare copy of an original Rover Group photograph.
Its shows two Maestros, the MG version has the registration D96 NTH, where is it now?

The owner of this Immaculate MG Metro is unknown. All that we know is that it is on a Y plate and it appears to be in perfect condition! Does your MG Metro match this?

One Mike Heath's M G Metros at Brands Hatch at the MGCC Millennium Meeting This photoraph is taken on the Sunday in the MG Metro cup race I rolled the car at Paddock Hill Bend in first practice session for the millennium cup race on the Saturday. Autoglass came and fitted a window which shattered second time it went over. Various bits where bent kinda straight and after generous amount of duck tape had been added I drove it home drooping most of the gravel trap on the M25 on the way. Next day drove back did the race finished last but enjoyed it and won the overall award in the MGCC Speed Trophy at Castle Combe the following weekend, also picking up the FWD Resister trophy. The car now has an M.O.T., but is still undergoing some major bodywork and engine renovations and I hope to have it on the road again in time for Silverstone.

Here are some of pictures of James Taylor's 2.0efi Maestro, taken recently. James lives in East Anglia, and believes his MG Maestro is 1 of only 2 in his home town of Haverhill

Bill de la Riviere visited the gallery and then sent us a picture of his Drayton Manor Park MG Metro
The MG Metros are very exciting to watch!

I am John Fallon and this is my 1.0 Metro. I got the car in June along with a MG metro of the same age. The 1.0 was in far better condition although it was really no frills motoring!! I intend to make an MG replica. It already has a MG interior, Gta Wheels, MG rear spoiler, MG rocker cover but this covers the 1.0 engine for insurance reasons. Who'd be 17 again????(!) In my opinion it is in the same group as the Maestro MG replicas. I live in Edinburgh and I am just 17 I sat my test on the 18th of October (99) in the car, and only got 2 minor faults.

Is this a lookalike Jeremy Clarkson or is it the man himself? Actually it is the real Jeremy Clarkson, pictured here next to the MG Maestro T16 of Martin Woods. Clarkson and the Maestro will be screened in the summer, on BBC 2, in a feature on the 'Hot Hatch'

A recent purchase of an MG Metro makes the Nevard household the owners of FOUR MGs! A prolific website webmaster, Chris Nevard will be adding a dedicated webpage, about his new MG, at www.mgmania.org very soon! The picture shown is the car taking part in the MGCCSE autotests at Fleet before Chris became the new proud owner.

This is my Maestro Turbo, no. 67 of 505. I bought it for 450 on July 1st., 2000. After learning to MIG weld I repaired holes in the inner wings at the front the ends of the sills and replaced the rear apron behind the bumper with a rust-free apron from a scrapped car. I also replaced 3 doors and the tailgate with items from local scrapyards in the correct colour. I have recently begun to enjoy driving the car and, exactly one year after buying it, I shall take it to the annual MG 'M' club meeting at Stanford Hall, near Lutterwort in July  Phil Pope

Here a photo of a genuine Group A MG Montego turbo. This car was exported from the UK by NZ Motor Corporation and raced as a team car during the late 1980s in the Shell Oil Endurance Series
Picture credit: Darryl Seymour

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