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MGA from ItalyThis MGA undergoing restoration is owned by Elio Marziali
Steering Wheel      The Hood        Behind the seats      Rear view      Dashboard      Front view
MGA These are pictures of our 1962 MK II MGA Coupe. Only 521 of this model were built and this is one of only 250 Right Hand Drive models made. It is in very original condition - now used daily, no restoration, only non original parts are the window rubbers, sills and carpets. Would love to hear if there are any others remaining in UK?
Steve & Karen Murrell -
MGA Liege Rally - 2001 MGA Twin Cam on Liege - Rome - Liege Rally - 2001
Could the owners of this MGA please send us more details!
MGA in East TimorI just bougth this car in Brisbane, Australia. Not expensive . It is complete and sound. Only needs two original bonnet grilles with MGA logo. Now I'm in East Timor and the picture was took in front of UNTAET (UN) headquarters in Dili.
MGA at Bristol Speedway Randy Holland's 1959 MGA
MGA in ItalyMy 1957 MGA and my wife Claudia
MGA from ItalyMr de Bruin's MGA is now complete
(see further down the gallery to see how it used to look!!!)
57 MGA I have had the car since 1989. Body acid dipped, repaired and repainted. Engine is late MGB, that has been balanced and ported. It has street cam. MGB transmission and performance engineering suspension with B disc on front. New interior, top and side curtains. Still a lot of work in progress, but a quick and well handling street car.
Ron Dean,
MGA on FilmbagDown by the riverside, this comes from an original in the Robert Opie Collection, at the Museum of Advertising & Packaging, Gloucester. This image has been scanned from a postcard.
Classic MGThis advert comes from Classic MG (CMG), and was printed as a large postcard. They have a full range of services. The company is based at Chalfont St Peter, Bucks.
MGA on FilmbagThis dropped thru my letterbox at home. An envelope to mail off my films for processing. To my delight it features an MGA on the Regency Run, maybe you know the owners of this MG? See the close up
MGA restoration project - Click to see moreThe car is an Australian assembled 1600, built in 1960. Original owner was in Sydney until it was purchase by second owner in 1964 when it came to Brisbane, and by myself in 1970. Car was used for a couple of years until marriage and children intervened, and it was parked for 25 years! Restoration started 18 months ago with a full dismantle and has been continuing since. Chassis is complete apart from master cylinders and diff, body has been painted and is currently being re-assembled, trimmed and wired. Technically, motor is 1600 with high comp pistons, balanced, comp clutch, limited slip diff, suspension lowered and urethane bushed throughout, uprated shocks, 5x15 72 spoke wheels with A509 Yokohamas, comp brake linings. I want to drive it to see how the handling has been affected by the lsd and other changes before I play with roll stiffness and camber changes! Once body is back on a new twin master cylinder braking system with adjustable balance will be designed and fitted. Roll cage and harnesses are fitted and the car will eventually be run in hillclimbs, historic racing and rallies. I am 6 months past my finishing deadline and 50% over budget, so I have given up making predictions about what it will cost and when it will be finished! Would like to correspond with anyone with similar interests!
Graham Ruckert,
MGA Coupe This a picture of 1957 MGA Coupe in Orient Red This Car is a UK car restored by myself in 1996.
Eric Robson,
MGA Mr C de Bruin's MGA, purchased in December 1998. Mr de Bruin hails from the Netherlands, and by his own admission "mij engels is ferry bat, but i try!" Fellow MGAers can email him at this address
MGAIt looks as if there is a lot of work to do.
We look forward to seeing the finished restoration.
MGA A good workshop/garage helps a great deal in a long restoration project.
MGAThis a picture of my 1959 MGA, it underwent a restoration in the winter of 97/98 and was back on the road in February 1998. For details about the restoration please see my homepage Here At the moment the page is only in German, but I hope it will be available in English in the new year (1999). Andreas Frey
Webmaster Tip..The search engine ALTA VISTA can convert German pages into English
MGAThis image I found in an electronics magazine with the slogan 'The New A3422 Hall-Effect Sensor Knows The Right Direction When you're Going Round In Circles'
Who thinks these things up? Webmaster
MGA from South AfricaHere is an image of my 1957 MGA Roadster - the result of an 8 year home restoration. Geoff Coombe, Fish Hoek, South Africa
MGAMGA - Seen at Pembrey racng circuit South Wales - A Participent in the Haynes Publishing Rally - RSK 454
MGAWhat a nice pair! - Just 2 cars from the rally that featured over 100 classic cars, not just MG!
This MGA 1600 was built within the first month of production in 1959. It was shipped to North America. It stayed until 1991 where I then bought it. It was then shipped it back to Europe, more precise Denmark. It has undergone a total frame-up restoration and appears 100 % original. It is a wonderful car to drive. Please write if you have any questions.
Soren Carl Storm, Denmark.
I bought MGA 1600 MK2 in last August(' 97). This car was imported from UK in 1961. It had been restored in 1996. At the time, mechanics repainted it from Red to Iris Blue, changed LHD to RHD.
This Car 102912. Engine GCU 2687. I bought the hardtop for Nagano Olympic.It is very GOOD! Hope we can keep in touch through the Net.
Masao Nakata. Nagano, Japan.
1960 MGA 1600. I purchased the car in Fall of '96. It came along at the right time and was in very good shape. These pictures were taken last spring..
Mark Friedman
I've been working on little things to get it as close to spec as possible. I'll leave the non­standard BRG paint job, it fits the car well
Mark Friedman
Ron Dworski's MGA
The Campbell River British Car Club
MGA 1600 Mk II. - I bought it 2 months ago (Sept 97) and it was undergoing an engine overhaul last couple of weeks. Actually this engine job was done in the UK (because of my Garage-man says it can't be done better anywhere else). Last week it was ready to hit the road. So I did and of course after the first driving experiances we took some photographs. This one gives a good view on the car! ENJOY! Kind regards. Rob van den Berg The Netherlands
Photo by Owner Rob van den Berg
MGA - Seen here at MGCC South East Centre Hare & Hounds Weekend 23/24 August 1997
Photo by Chris Nevard
MGA - Seen here at MGCC South East Centre Hare & Hounds Weekend 23/24 August 1997
Photo by Chris Nevard
MaBeL a very famous MGA!
Read about this beautiful MGA which
I spotted while at Harrogate 97'
MGA Chrome Close up!
Part of an MGA ad, from a steel sign
Two Beautiful MGA's
MGA going through it paces
Three MGA's set out at the start of the 1996 Varsity Run (Cambridge - Oxford)
MGA Coupe Prototype - Harrogate 96
You will find a report on Harrogate 96 and this rare MGA Here
William Eastmans 1961 MGA seeks some shade! The car has 72,000 miles on it. The body and interior have been redone but the mechanicals are original. The car was Old English White but now is Rosa Red which is a Ferrari color.
I am presently going through and replacing old rubber parts on the car. I am cleaning and repainting the parts that I am taking off but I am by no means doing a restoration.
I bought the MGA last fall from a gentleman in Kansas City. I plan to drive the car! The first sports car I ever rode in was my Uncle's Iris Blue MGA and I have wanted one ever since. Last fall the right opportunity appeared at the right time. This is the second MG that I have owned, the first was a 70 MGB Touring when I was 16 until I went to college.
I am looking forward to hitting the road this Spring!
Owner: William Eastman

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