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Last updated March 1999
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The South East Centre of the M.G. Car Club

This leaflet outlines the principle 1999 Season Events and Activities, which the South East Centre of the MG CAR CLUB are organising, and additionally provides information about our various local meetings and other activities. You will find the range of events, planned from this Premier Centre of the Club, cover the full range of members' interests. Winter activities for 1999 are also being organised and further information on these will be found in Safety Fast!

The South East Centre is one of 14 National Centres, with an annually elected Committee, responsible for co-ordinating events and activities within the region, which covers Middlesex, East and West Sussex, Surrey, Kent and Greater London. This responsibility ranges from organising the main Centre activites and various touring/competitive driving events, to monitoring the social local Meetings. Registers operate totally independently of the Centres, but are often represented at the main Centre Events.

Additional details on the activities summarised in this leaflet will be published within the Club magazine, Safety Fast!, either in News Review or within the South East Centre Notes, including entry forms, where applicable. The Local Meetings often organise their own activities, such as treasure hunts, cream tea runs, visits, etc., which do not appear in the magazine due to publishing lead times - these can be discovered by attending your local meeting.

At all major Club events, a Control/Information post will be present, where details about activities or Club Officials/contacts can also be obtained - it is a good reference point for meeting other members or seeking assistance.

Alternatively, for more information or to give suggestions for future activities, please contact any Centre Committee Member, who will be only too happy to assist in any way they can.

If you have not yet tried some of the mildly competitive, all non damaging events, why not have a go! Competition licences are required for race, sprint and hill climb events. All others can be entered under the cover of your Club membership card. If you are unfamiliar with what is involved with the various activites, the South East Centre has produced a general introductory leaflet for your guidance.

The Local Meetings are all run informally by a member(s), who acts as the local co-ordinator. If you are visiting a meeting for the first time, it is worth contacting this member to check location, start times, activities, etc. These local meetings operate in subtly different ways and it is worth trying two or three meetings to find one closest to your interest and aspirations. Should you experience any difficulties with a meeting, then please discuss the matter with a Committee Member. Should there not be a member close to you and you know of local MG enthusiasts, why not think about starting a new meeting. The Committee would be only too pleased to help you with this and discuss any ideas you may have.

1999 Events and Activities

                Reigate Manor Hotel
		(Close to Junction 8, M25)
		John Morgan 0181-657-2714
		The seasonal starter. An excellent dinner, presentation of
		Centre Awards and Trophies from some of the 1998 events and 
		dancing until late, with music and volume to suit all 
		tastes. Do book early to avoid disappointment.

Mar 14th        CHAIRMAN'S DAY
                Doug Bush 01342-870069
                Mystery tour starting from Reigate Manor Hotel, including 
		lunch at a local hostelry and afteroon tea. An interesting 
		follow on to the previous evening's celebrations, to round 
		off the weekend.
Mar 28th        NAVISCAT
                Andrew Bowden 01732-761437
                Popular event for the novice and expert alike - A
                navigational scatter rally around the country roads
                of Surrey/Sussex, collecting clues, finishing at a 
                country pub. 

                With a full day of MG racing. For further information
		contact Main Club Office or any Committee Member.

Apr 19th        GENERAL MEETING
                Darrell Cocup 0181-874-5051
                Coulsdon Manor Hotel, Coulsdon, Surrey
                Review and adoption of 1998 Accounts followed by the
		Coulsdon Local Meeting.

Apr 25th        SRING GATHERING, 
                Goodwood House near Chichester, West Sussex
                Brian Galipeau 01737-832100
                Goodwood House, home in recent years of the Festival
		of Speed, is the new venue in 1999 for this premier 
   	 	meeting. Come and participate in the Pride of Ownership 
		and Treasure Hunt or enjoy the experience of this 
		fascinating, magical place in the heart of the South 
		Downs. The event will incorporate several runs and
                tours into the venue and will feature a special display
		of historic MG cars which have been raced at Goodwood.                     

		Main Club 01235 555552
		A gentle run over a set route enjoying the more rural
		areas of Surrey and Sussex. Apply early as entry lists 
		close quickly due to the popularity of this run.

		Peter Arnell 01306-885707
		A new event for 1999, comprising a tour through Kent
		to see the blossom trees, finishing at Brogdale, home 
		of the National Fruit Collection

                Fleet Services, M3
                Darrell Cocup 0181-874-5051
                Driving tests take place in the lorry park area at 
                the Service Station, which provides good access 
		for all. Activity is enjoyed by expert and complete 
		novice alike and you will always meet new and familiar 
                It provides a pre-summer practice for the more 
                competitive entrants and the Inter Centre competition
                and rivalry between the South East and Abingdon Works
                Centre adds to the entertainment of the day.

6th		Main Club 01235-555552
		Orgainsed by the Main Club, this is the largest club
		in the world, with South East Centre participation 
		in several activities. 
     		In addition to the full MG Race Meeting and Banquet 
		Dinner on the saturday, there will be Race Practice 
		and circuit drives on the Friday, Concours, Pride of 
		Ownership, Sprint Meeting, Gymkhana, California Cup 
		Autotests on the Sunday and Traders Village throughout 
		the weekend, with a range of autojumble, new parts and 
		general car automobilia. A must for all club members!

                Woodcroft, Nr. Billingshurst, W. Sussex.
                Andrew Turner 01403-783218
               	An excellent lunch time bar-b-que with self judged 
		concours, ideal for all the family, at a superb 
		location, with the added feature this year of 
		runs/tours into the event.

to 5th          Jenny Morgan 0181-657-2714
                To Northern France. Visiting Monet's Garden before 
		spending the weekend at John Bevington's delightful
		Normandy farm house in the village of Hambye. Look 
		out for details in Safety Fast! 

July 11th       TOUR OF S.E.
                To Museum of Kent Life, Cobtree near Maidstone, Kent
                Doug Bush 01342-870069
                A social tour through the country lanes of Kent 
                and East Sussex with a mildly competitive 
                overtone. This year the event will finish at 
                the well established Museum of Kent Life, Cobtree, 
                with the fascinating backdrop of pastimes in Kent and
		a meeting of historic classic commercial vehicles.

6th             Doug Bush 01342-870069
                To Northern France with a repeat visit to the Champagne
		region to collect the bottles ordered last year.

September 19th  AUTUMN GATHERING 
                Groombridge Place Gardens, Nr Tunbridge Wells, Kent. 
                Jenny Morgan 0181-657-2714
                A new venue this year, following the highly successful
		event in 1997/8, Groombridge Place has become famous 
		for its enchanting and award winning gardes, with the
		wonderful setting of a moated Jacobean House (not open
		to the public). The event will include: judged Concours,
		Pride of Ownership, Gymkhana, Adult and Children's 
		Treasure Hunt and Trade Stands. Several runs/tours will
		be incorporated to make the day even more enjoyable.
                Entry to the MG Car Club Gathering will include entry
                to the Gardens, which include Children's Venture
		Playground and the themed area of The Enchanted Forest.
Oct 2nd         REGIS RALLY 
                Main Club 01235-555552
                This well established Rally is a one day event for all
                models of historic cars in the Sussex area. 

		Brands Hatch Main Club 01235-555552
		A weekend of sports car racing at this popular race

Oct 17th        AUTUMN TRIAL
	        near Longfield, Kent 
                Dave Fox 01474-708421 
                A production car trial. Gentle, off road, competitive
                event, driving up slippery slopes. 

Oct 24th        NAVISCAT
                Jeremy Bayne Powell 01483-811428
                Another opportunity to participate in a navigational                           
                scatter rally in the Sussex/Surrey area.

                Darrell Cocup 0181-675-5051
                Reigate Manor Hotel (Close to Junction 8, M25) 
                The presentation will be by Sir John Whitmore of MGA
                racing fame. An opportunity to meet the members of 
		the South East Centre Committee and to have your say
		in what we do as a Centre and a Club.            

Autotest Challenge

For information, copies of regulations, or participation registration please contact Michael Heath 01903 523167.

Local Meetings and Natters

Details and contacts follow for the monthly, local area meetings. These are very informal and should be ensured of a warm welcome from fellow enthusiasts. Meetings generally take place from 8.30 p.m. onwards and all venues offer evening meals. It is advisable to phone the contact before attending the meeting for the first time.

MIDDLESEX       Queens Head, Pinner, 1st Tuesday
                Kenneth Baker  01895-672153

                Hare and Hounds, Osterley, 2nd Monday
                Danny Byrne  01932-829814

SURREY          Blue Anchor, Bindley Heath, Nr Godstone, 2nd Monday
		John Morgan 0181-657-2714

                The Dukes Head, Tadworth, 2nd Thursday
                John Morgan  0181-657-2714

                Coulsdon Manor Hotel, Coulsdon, 3rd Monday
                Peter Arnell  01306-885707

                The Talbot Hotel, Ripley, 3rd Thursday
                David Washbourne  01483-282379

		Venue varies each month, 3rd Wednesday
		Lunchtime meetings, Piers Hubbard 0181-657-2170

LONDON		The City FOB Pub, Lower Thames Street, Last Friday
		Jody Goh 07971-267633

KENT            The Crown Inn, Sarre, Nr. Birchington, 1st Friday
                Paul Knowles  01227-721706

                George and Dragon, Speldhurst, Nr. Tunbridge Wells, 2nd Tuesday
                Graham White  01892-654591

                The Carpenters Arms, Eastling, 2nd Thursday
                William Opie  01795-521846

                Anchor and Hope, Ash, Nr. Brands Hatch, 4th Wednesday
                Dave Fox  01474-708421

                The George, Egerton, Nr. Charing, 4th Friday
                Paul Bernal Ryan  01233-840331

SUSSEX          The Black Horse, Nuthurst, Nr. Horsham, 2nd Wed
                David Griffiths  01403-264548

                The Gribble Inn, Oving, Chichester, 4th Tuesday
                Peter Mace  01903-743335

                The British Queen, Willingdon Triangle, Nr. Eastbourne, 1st 
		Monday Dennis Webb 0585-485255

KENT/SUSSEX	The Harrier, East of Sandhurst, 3rd Thursday
BORDERS	        Tony Homersham 01580-241454        	

Committee/Contact Telephone Numbers
Chairman and Competition Secretary Doug Bush 01342-870069
Secretary Darrell Cocup 0181-675-3761
Treasurer Piers Hubbard 0181-657-2170
Publicity Brian Galipeau 01737-832100
Membership/Social/Awards Jenny Morgan 0181-657-2714
Competition Secretary/Regalia John Morgan 0181-657-2714
Logistics and Local Meeting Co-ordinator Peter Arnell 01306-885707
Autotest Challenge Co-ordinator Micheal Heath 01903-523167
SE Centre Scribe/Register Co-ordinator Nick Rowlatt 0181-672-3041
Beth Galipeau 01737-832100
Derek Edwards 01737-765891
Roy Castle 0181-402-1687
Tony Cox 01372-812173

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