Rear Suspension

Rear Springs have a slight negative camber on the fitting, but as they age it gets worse. Look at the rear shackle, it shoule be just off vertical. If it is a good 45 degress, and up near the chassis, you need new springs. Fitting an extra leaf from the 2nd leaf will help, but if the leaves are undercut but the leaf below new ones must be fitted. The springs have a bad name for breaking. The should have rubber or nylon interleaves (only at the ends of each leaf). By now most will have worn away, and bits of oil or grease will keep them quiet and supple. Do NOT oil the rubber bushes.

Rear lever arm dampers are out of sight and forgotten. They have short lives. Look for oil leaks and keep them topped up. Reconditioned ones are not too dear, but thier seal life will be shorter each time they are reconditioned. Keep them clean as they will corrode well in winter salt, into white powder.