We begin our tour at probably the most famous castle in Great Britain. Great Britain is the name of the UK, or United Kingdom, consisting of four smaller Kingdoms, or land a King owns. They are England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. The word Great applies to them added together, as in 'big', not 'famous'. It is hardly surprising the country is full of castles, dating from 600BC to the 1890 AD in Queen Victoria's time.

The castle shown is that used by the British Royal Family to crown thier eldest son as the Prince of Wales. It dates back to 1305AD, and is in Caerarfon in North Wales, anc cost <lbs> 20,000 to build. It is one of King Edward's "English" castles to keep the Welsh in order, whom the "English" had beaten at war in the fourteenth century. The ancient town of Caernarfon is still surrounded by a city-wall. It stands at the food of the beautiful Welsh Mountains, on the edge of the sea. The castle once has its own harbor, not the car park you see a Mk4 Magnette in.