The Trunk:

Neil in England:

Called a 'boot' in the UK. Massive, and very useful. Fuel tank sits up behind the rear seat, over the rear axle. The SU electric fuel pump is by the tank filler neck, out of the dirt and cold. Spare wheel is in a tray underneath the boot floor. The engine-starting handle is used to wind it down, a good idea if the boot is full.

John in America:

What else can you say?  This puppy is HUGE!  This is about as big a trunk as has ever been put on a British car.  You could stuff just about anything in there.  Still no match for my brother's '66 Coupe DeVille.  You could put a Sprite in it.  The fuel pump might be out of the dirt and cold but the filler neck isn't, so watch those pine needles or they will soon be in your gas tank.  (I once used my starting handle to start the car... The fuel pump had stopped working, so I hit it with the starting handle, and I'll be damned, it started!)