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The Spridget has always had breaking problems, never more so that now as we strive for more power and speed. The standard brakes are too small, have inadequate pressure and overheat very quickly. Here are state-of-the-art answers to all these problems.

The 9" brake conversion
With its larger disks, calipers and pads this conversion brings Spridget braking right up to date, with a very positive pedal and superb stopping power. As with most of our products this is a bolt-on kit and comes in several stages for road and race applications. The full kit comes complete with new discs, calipers, pads, adapter hub, fitting kit and instructions. All you need is time and some tools.

Brake fluid
Brake performance relies totally the brake fluid in the system. Poor fluid boils at lower temperatures and reduces brake efficiency. Our Dot 5 fluid greatly increases pedal feel and pressure especially when you need it most. Suitable for road or race with a boiling point of 270°C

Brake discs and drums
These items are inexpensive and regular replacement will ensure your brakes stay in top condition. A considerable amount of brake pressure and effect is lost through warm drums and shoes!

Kevlar pads
The next generation in stopping power. These pads revolutionise performance braking. Most performance pads need warming before becoming effective. Kevlar pads don't. They work 20% to 25% better from cold and have no drop in performance right up to 500°C. These truly amazing brake pads available for the Spridget standard and 9", the MGB and the MGF.
Braided hoses
Braided hoses give increased fluid pressure for a more direct braking response. When used in combination with uprated pads they will provide your Spridget with a safety margin you simply cannot do without.