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The Frontline front suspension kit is a bolt-on modification that requires no structural changes to the car and comes with instructions and everything necessary for fitting.

More positive driving response
The suspension kit upper arm replaces the old lever shock as the suspension's upper link. It has a torsional and lateral rigidity which the lever arm lacks and has an immediate steadying affect on the handling of the car over all.

Improved braking
The twisting effect of the standard Midget front suspension under braking is eliminated with the new stronger Frontline upper link. When the system is used with braided brake hoses braking is markedly improved. And control of the car under braking radically transformed.
Two degree negative camber
The Frontline conversion's negative camber tightens up the Midget's handling - reducing understeer - to produce a quicker cornering response and superior road holding - under all conditions.

Steadier ride
The inherent unsteadiness of the standard Midget lever shock top link can be most evident on uneven road surfaces. While the Frontline conversion compromises none of the Midget's great "feel" for the road it lends a far more predictable response to all those little bumps and cracks which can limit the car's performance on the bends.
Overall performance
With many of today's Midgets running higher performance engines there is a greater need for front end stability and control. Particularly with modifications such as the Frontline five speed conversion, speeds of 100 mph plus are easily attainable. The improved rigidity and superior geometry of the Frontline conversion makes the car far more comfortable at these speeds making it a pleasure to drive at any speed.

Adjustable Dampers
The Frontline suspension conversion has been developed in conjunction with specialist suspension engineers to give what is probably the single biggest improvement to the Spridget's handling. The specially developed telescopic dampers provide progressive damping - as suspension movement increases the shock absorbers increase resistance - which lever shocks are not able to do. So you enjoy improved performance while eliminating the hassle of lever shock maintenance.