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• Total reliability       • All synchromesh       • Faster cruising
Frontline Spridget's five speed modification for Sprites and Midgets is a complete transmission replacement kit with everything you need to achieve modern-car performance at a cost that will more than pay for itself.

PERFECT FIT: The Frontline five-speed involves minimal appearance changes. Under the bonnet, things look exactly the same. In the driver's seat, you'll benefit from the gear stick being further back and resting neatly in the hand.

PRECISION ENGINEERING: The ultra smooth action of the Frontline five-speed is instantly obvious. Shifting is quicker, smoother and more accurate with a much more solid feel.

BUILT TO LAST: No more sloppy handling, worn clutch release bushes or broken gearbox units. The durable Frontline five-speed is virtually maintenance-free.

QUIETLY CONFIDENT: Say goodbye to the howls of first and reverse. First-gear synchromesh takes the hassle out of town driving and heavy traffic; reducing vibration and greater precision utterly transform the feel of the car.

WHAT A PERFORMANCE: Quicker shifting means quicker acceleration. A higher top gear means a higher top speed. Faster cruising is possible thanks to a 1200rpm advantage at maximum speed. And immediate drive train response ensures better vehicle control.

COMPATIBILITY: From first to fourth the conversion remains close to the original ratios. The additional fifth gear at .82:1 enhances the added performance the precision gearbox offers. Optional close ratio, six-speed and even sequential gearboxes are available on special request.

Frontline Spridget's five-speed kit comes with everything you need to adapt your car. If you want to source your own gearbox, we'll be happy to supply the necessary accessories. Fitting can be done by any competent DIY owner or by your local MG service centre. In any event, we can provide technical support.

The kit includes:

•   fully reconditioned gearbox
•   new bellhousing (or adaptor plate on 1500cc models)
•   spigot bush
•   clutch plate
•   clutch plate cover
•   clutch release bearing
•   new clutch arm pivot
•   new propshaft
•   chassis cross member and strengtheners
•   speedometer cable
•   standard gear lever
•   gear lever gaiter
•   transmission tunnel cover and carpet
•   nuts and bolts
•   fitting instructions

•   reverse switch
•   recalibrated speedometer
•   quickshift gear lever

Available for all models of Sprite and Midget (948cc to 1500cc) plus MGA and MGB