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Frontline Spridget can provide you with a wide range of handling accessories to be used in conjunction with our suspension modifications or on their own to fine tune the handling performance of your car. By helping to optimise your Midget's performance we hope to enhance the driving experience and improve safety in modern driving conditions.
Uprated front springs
Ideal for all 1500 Midgets and for fast road or competition use, these uprated springs have 1/3rd greater spring rate and are one inch shorter for a lower, more solid ride. Also suitable for fast road or race use on all other Spridgets.

Uprated anti-roll bars
-11/16 for fast road use, sprint and hill-climbs on 948 to 1275cc cars. Available with long lasting polyurethane mounting blocks for more consistent anti-roll control. -3/4 for competition use on 1275 or 1500 Midgets.

Polyurethane bushes
All suspension bushes for MG Midgets are now available in polyurethane from Frontline. Polyurethane offers more strength than standard rubber bushes but is more flexible than previously available nylatron, gives less noise, smoother ride and extended bushing life. For road or race applications.

Trunion link bushes
These polyurethane bushes have no metal linings so that seizure to trunion bolts is eliminated. Greater durability means maintenance of this Midget suspension trouble-spot is greatly reduced. They give significantly better front-end stability without compromising ride.

Lower A frame bushes
Polyurethane for greater stability right from the focal point of the Midget suspension. When fitted with trunion bushes, provide noticeably improved handling all round.

Spring blocks
Set between axle mounts and rear leaf springs, polyurethane spring blocks offer a long-lasting low-noise solution to axle location.

Rear spring bushes
A more positive mounting for rear springs, these uprated bushes reduce spring movement created by sideways forces under cornering and give better handling response.