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A Classic for the 21st Century

The Spridget in its standard original form has always been a fun and rewarding sports car, evolving over the years in terms of performance and comfort and enjoying many motorsport successes and European tours.

Our range of performance-enhancing products has long kept its handling capabilities up to date. When Rover's superb K-series engine arrived in the early '90s, it was obvious the Spridget could also have the powertrain it needed to propel it into the 21st Century. Revered as one of the best small engines of its time, the K-Series has also found its way into the MGF, the Lotus Elite, the Caterham and countless other specials.

Frontline's first K-series Spridget was on the road in early 1995, in a standard 1.4 single-point injection version. This was impressive- but still not enough. What was wanted was a refined conversion that would be relatively simple to install with minimal modifications and no tell-tale signs.

Since that first transplant we have come a long way. We can now supply all the parts for you or specialist centre to convert your own car. Or we can custom-build you a super Sprite to your own specification.

The choices range from a moderately powerful 1.4K engine producing 120 bhp, set up for comfort and cruising, to a modified 1.8K producing over 200bhp, with brakes and a suspension to match. Another great advantage is fuel consumption - we regularly achieve 40+mpg in normal motoring.

The Perfect fit

The K-series in the Spridget is mounted in-line and mated to a Ford type 9 gearbox,. The only modifications needed to the chassis are eight holes that have to be drilled for the engine rubber mountings.

The gearbox is mated to the engine using a specially designed bell housing and is mounted into the transmission tunnel with our gearbox mounting plate and strengtheners. Slight modification is needed but is easily achieved with a hacksaw-preferably a power one-and a drill.

The only other modifications required are a small hole for the gear lever just behind the original and cutting back of part of the heater tray to allow for clearance.

Properly installed, the engine looks as if it was designed for this car. It all fits snugly, with no cutting of the chassis legs and no bulges in the bonnet. So the car's classic look is retained and the chassis isn't weakened. In fact, it is reinforced by the strengtheners that come with the kit.

'Now my Sprite is quicker and more responsive than my Porsche' -The verdict of one of our K-Series converts, whose other cra is a Porsche 911 Turbo!

Our K-Series transplant offers the best of both worlds-just the thing to give your everyday car a new lease of life, or the basis of a tailor-made 'special', built from mainly new components to combine classic looks with modern performance and reliability. Whatever your choice, the first thing to do is talk it over with us and, if possible, arrange a test drive in one of our demo cars. For the technically curious, here are the specifications of our latest demonstrator- builtfrom a new heritage body shell:
1.8K 16v
165 bhp
5-speed gearbox
14" minilites and 185x60x14 Yokohama 021R tyres
0-60 - 4.6 seconds
60-0 - 4.2 seconds
Frontline suspension all round
Frontline disc brakes all round
Total weight with one person and fuel is just 770kg
Weight distribution- 380kg front, 390kg rear
Leather trim
Colour coded dash
EN40 half-shaft
Rear double hub bearings
RTL (rear traction control link)
1" Lowered all round
11/16 anti-roll bar
Polyurethane bushes all round
9" front disc brake kit
8" rear disc brake kit

See K-Series price list for our full range of available conversion parts