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  • Improved Traction
  • Controls Lateral Movement
  • Lower Roll Centre
Frontline's innovative Rear Traction Control Link is simple to install and gives greatly improved control and driving confidence

Design: The RTL was born out of a need for more control. The design brief was to produce an axle locator, with the following attributes:

  • simple installation
  • no spurious loadings
  • excellent lateral location

The results are stunning. In addition to the above, the roll centre at the rear of the car has been lowered and we have achieved zero lateral body-to-axle movement.

Manufacture: The main body of the bracketry bolts to the underside of the car and the rose-jointed outer arms locate on special mountings at the extremities of the axle.
The whole assembly is manufactured from high grade stainless steel which looks good and lasts well in this harsh environment.

Overall Performance: Once correctly fitted and set up, the performance gains will be noticeable immediately. The whole car is more stable, power can be applied earlier in the corner and traction is considerably improved. We love it!!

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Frontline Costello is a trading name of Frontline Spridget Ltd

Rear damper conversion details
This rear damper conversion unlike any other one has the damper mounted in a near vertical position. This gives the best possible advantage. The ride is smoother, far more controllable and predictable. As with our front conversion, this kit was developed by professionals to give the best all round performance. Suitable for road or race (may need modifying for extremely low cars).

Panhard rod kit
This kit mounts directly onto the body and then onto the axle. The purpose of this kit is to prevent side to side movement of the car relative to the axle so giving a more controlled drive.

Half shafts
These shafts are made from EN40B steel, a very tough material which is well suited to the punishment the more enthusiastic drivers among us give these cars.

Anti tramp bars
The additional locating brackets keep the rear axle from moving backwards and forwards, which means the axle only moves up and down as it should.

Double bearing hub kit
If you are putting a lot of power through the rear axle you might take advantage of these double hub bearings. You have two on the front and most cars have them on the back. The only thing that stops the standard hubs flexing is the half shaft which puts a lot of strain on the shaft. Best used with uprated halfshalfts.

1/4 elliptic radius arms
These rose jointed radius arms are made from high grade alloy and only weigh just over 200g. This gives a good weight saving and greatly improved axle location.

The limited slip diff does as it says. While allowing you to drive around corners normally it also allows you to use the power when you want. A series of plates and gears inside the unit sense when one wheel is strating to spin and transfers more power to the other wheel, which gives you maximum traction and controllability all the time.