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24 January 2007

Today, please welcome Samuel Freeman and YB 0944 to Ys on Parade.


22 January 2007

Tony Slattery is drawing up floor board plan sets for the Y Type.  Although these are covered in outline in the book 'Let there be Ys', these will be fully dimensioned drawings.  Tony has supplied the first of these - namely the brake master cylinder cover plate with the promise of more to come.  These will be on a separate page, under the Technical Centre menu option titled, appropriately 'Part Drawings'.


17 January 2007

Speedograph Richfield have confirmed (by sending me the engineering drawing) that they are able to supply the correct handed hand brake cables for a YA/YT with offset grease nipples.  Please specify your requirement when ordering.  Their entry on the Links page has been revised accordingly.


17 January 2007

A new Collectible has been added courtesy of Willem van der Veer from the BP International Racing Success booklet of 1957.


15 January 2007

This month's mid-month Reprinted Article is from Practical Classics, February 1999 and features the restoration of Steve Randle's YB with all of its unique features.

Also added at this update, to the Brochure page, are the MG YT pages from an Employees Edition of 'Know You Models' brochure from 1948 and printed by the Nuffield Group.  The booklet begins with "'Every worker, from the tea-boy to the top executive, should be a salesman for the products he helps to make."!

We have also added Craig Seabrook of the Whitworth Shop, Ohio, USA to our list of Suppliers on the Links page for anything in wood (and a couple of other things too) on your YA, YB or YT, Craig does a quality job and well worth checking out!


9 January 2007

Honours for the first wedding photographs of 2007 for Ys at Weddings goes to Jacqui Crawford with her father's recently restored YA  Also at this "3 Ys and a wedding" were Alf Luckman's and Peter Sutherland's cars!


8 January 2007

Today, please welcome Gilles Bachand and Y 6486 to Ys on Parade.  Gilles has just moved this car from Scotland to Canada, so we wish him many happy miles!

We have also added PDF files of the exploded parts diagrams for both the single SU Carburettor and the Twin Carburettors as fitted to the MG Y Type to the Technical Centre, Technical Data page.  Also, we have extracts from the SU recommended needle book and needles sizes on the same page.


6 January 2007

Steve Brompton has provided a new picture of YT 4825 for Y on Parade so that the original yellow wheel trims (unusually matched to the original upholstery colour and not the body colour) can now be seen.  Steve has also sent in a new entry for YT 5139 too.

Also, we are able to add the MG Inskip TD to our collection of Interesting Ys.  How does a 'TD' qualify to be included in Interesting Ys?  Click on the link to go and find out how the YT gave rise to this emulation series car!

All of which leads up nicely to the announcement of the latest YT List from David Pelham, and the news that we know have substantive proof that there were 891 YTs made: not 884 as we previously thought, or 877 as has been touted for many years and which you will see in many publications, but 891!  The list gives fuller details of David's research and findings and the subsequent reduction in  YA numbers to 6,144.

A booking form has also been added to the GoF West event listing for any Y owner wishing to attend.  Floyd Inman will be attending in his Y.  A booking form has also been added to the event listing for the UK 60th Birthday Spring Run too.


1 January 2007

Happy New Diamond Year! 2007, in case you had not noticed last year, is the 60th Anniversary of the Birth of the Y.  There are already a stack of events on the Events Page for you to attend spanning the entire globe, so you should be able to attend at least one of them! See you there!!

Honours for the first Y on Parade in this auspicious Diamond Jubilee Year go to Chris Porr of New Zealand and Y 6562, please welcome Chris.  Quite appropriate too really as New Zealand is one of the first countries to see in the New Year!  Y 6562 makes yet another pairing with its older sibling Y 6561 too!

The Reprinted Article for January 1 comes from Practical Classics Magazine of April 1998 and covers the restoration of one Neil Cairns - actually not the restoration of Neil, but that of his YB and shows some pictures of Neil actually doing something technical rather than giving advice to others!

The Picture of the Month is a unique one and makes a great year opener.  It came from Ted and Margaret Evans (Australia).  You just have to have a look at this!  Whoever said old cars are environmentally unfriendly and irresponsible really has not got it - have they?

Also, it just would not be the holiday season if we did not have our usual array of cards from Jack Murray in Artist's Impressions.


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