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29 May 2008

Alex Bawn has sent in an updated picture of Robin Bawn's YB 0942 for Ys on Parade together with some pictures for Ys at Weddings when their car performed the honours.


24 May 2008

There will be an Extraordinary General Meeting of the MG Car Club Y Type Register on 15 June 2008.  It will be held at the Silverstone Circuit, Northamptonshire, UK for the approval of the Register Accounts for 2007, the election of a Treasurer and the appointment of an Accounts Reviewer.  Details of the meeting's exact location at Silverstone will be available closer to the time when a meeting room has been booked.  They will also be available at the Register's stand in the main marquee.


19 May 2008

Following a recent request as to where to find the chassis number, some pictures have been added to a note on the Hints and Tips page.


18 May 2008

Richard Knight has sent in tons of photographs - I think at least everyone's car appears once now on the 2008 UK Spring Run report! Thank you for all the pictures sent in, the album is full now for this run.


17 May 2008

Jerry Birkbeck has sent in a report on the 2008 UK Spring Run, and Peter Sharp has sent in some photographs too.


16 May 2008

In August 2006 we featured a Y that had been seen on the streets of Havana, Cuba.  Subsequently, after much searching, our man in Havana was able to trace the owner and we made contact.  We are now delighted to bring a first for this website, and probably even a first in MG history - pictures of an MG Y owned in a Communist country!  Tania and Yasel Perez have kindly sent in four photographs from their recent wedding and I am delighted to bring you all four on the Ys at Weddings page!  Congratulations are due to Tania and Yasel not only for their marriage, which normally would be cause enough, but also for the rebuild and restoration that Yasel did on his car prior to the big day.  Well done!


15 May 2008

Seemingly a fairly quite month so far, however, for aficionados of our growing library of on-line Reprinted Articles, we delve back again to September 1950 and the end of petrol rationing in the UK with a delightful trip into the Peak District of England with an article by John Penn.

Also, Neil Cairns has put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and produced an article entitled Y Type Reliability for his corner spot.  Remember, if you have any suggestions or requests for Neil to write about, this is the place to request it.

Finally, after a prolonged hibernation I went to start my car the other week and had a flat battery.  I remembered back in 1993 I cut an article out of Safety Fast on battery care, rejuvenation and regeneration.  This has been added to the Hints and Tips page as a link, but as it is essentially an item in it's own right (like the one on seat belt fitting), that it also has its own page and a PDF has also been created for it.


2 May 2008

Dave DuBois' SU Fuel Pump Repair Service has been added to the Links page (under Suppliers, and Fuel Systems including Fuel Tank Restoration).


1 May 2008

This month sees the UK Spring Run weekend over 10-11 May - see the Events page for details.  If you have not already registered, Jerry may still be able to fit you in.  We have a special guest at this year’s Spring Run in that Dave Lawrence, author of “Let There Be Y’s” will be joining us from South Africa. It would be great to achieve that MaGic number of 50 Y types that has eluded us for so long.  The tour on Sunday will be ‘Flagged Off’ by Dave and he has also kindly offered to autograph any copies of his book that participants bring with them.

Please welcome Butch Taras with Y 6757 to Ys on Parade: Y 6757 makes another matched pair with its sibling Y 6756!

Tony Slattery of Australia has also advised me that:

Fantastic news - provided we get 6 Saloons and 6 Tourers they will split the Y-Type Class at the 2009 MG National Meeting at Geelong April 10 - 14.  A flyer and invitation can be downloaded here.

The MG Car Clubs of Australia have hosted a National Meeting each Easter since 1970 (38 years).  At every national meeting the Y's have been a single class - Saloons and Tourers judged and compete against each other in Concours and Speed Events.  In some years Y's were even combined with Magnettes!  After many years of lobbying the National Meeting organising committees that Saloons and Tourers are completely different cars, finally success!  I cannot stress how big a step this is for recognition of Y-Types within the MG Car Clubs fraternity in Australia: long overdue at last.

We now need to muster our troops and make sure we get those 12 cars.  To fail at the first invitation would cost our interests dearly.  Personally I am committed to take YT3861 from Brisbane to Geelong (1,800km) and have already done a lot of work on the car since Tamworth.  I will be driving it to Melbourne in 3 days about a month before Easter & then flying home before returning to clean/prepare the car a few days before Easter. Obviously it will be easier to count on Victorian cars to make up the other 11 cars, but I hope owners from NSW, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia will see the significance in this event and bring the best Y-Types in Australia to Geelong.

The Reprinted Article for the beginning of May, is a road test from June 1949, and the Picture of the Month again comes from Australia, this time from Robert Ades and shows you something you cannot do in a midget!

Finally, now that Spring is upon the Northern Hemisphere, a word of caution. Like many, you may have been working on your Y over the the last few months, before you drive off, make sure everything is secured - especially the Spare Wheel Compartment lid, mine was not, but I was lucky and it sustained very minor paint damage.  It could have been a lot worse as it fell out when I was on the highway and it could easily have been squashed!


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