Navigational Scatter Rallies

Scatter rallies are a wonderful way to have a few hours of competitive entertainment


Each entry requires a driver a navigator and a car. Also required is an ordinace survey map (about £3 from ebay) a pencil, ruler, rubber and for most of us older generation a magnifying glass is a good optional extra.

Each team a given around 20 to 25 plots to find on the map and they must then choose a selection of around 15 to 20 to visit in as short a route as possible. At each plot on the route the team need to solve a small clue and record the answer.

The winners are the team that get the most clues correct in the shortest mileage recorded.



The 2017 Jubilee Scatter Rally

DHere are  few photos of those competing in this years Scatter rally.

Great turnout and fabulous organisation by Dave S and Malcolm C Thanks guys and thanks to all competitiors.

 We had eight teams participating in the Naviscat today. They had to visit 16 of the 20 map references they had plotted onto an Ordnance Survey 122 map of the southern Lincolnshire Wolds and the ones who had the most correct answers and the lowest mileages were the winners. So in order these were.
1. Paul & Margaret Smith    MGF
2. Ian Mackenzie & Kevin Pateman MGB
3. Sue Mackenzie & Bob Welch   MG ZT
4. Chris & Sue Hall   MGB
5. Stuart Nell & Jim MG RV8
6. Alan & Stephen Wright MGBGT Jubilee
7. Mike & Monica Dabbs    MG TF
8. Simon & Pauline Goldsworthy MGF

David Stonehouse






The 2015 Jubilee Scatter Rally

Do you know I forgot to take any photos

However I can tell you the weather was superb, the event was relaxed and I believe everyone enjoyed themselves.

Yours truely the organiser did make an error or 2 and if this disadvantaged anyone then I hope they can understand I am getting old! well thats my excuse anyway LOL.

Everyone did a great job but there is always a winner

1st Ian Mackenzie and Kevin Pateman



The 2014 Jubilee Scatter Rally

Again we had a great yet hectic day to say the least. Many entrants ran very late in an attempt to get all the clues solved whilst others managed to get to the pub for lunch. Whatever they all did very very well but there could only be one winning team and that was our great friends /Simon and Pauline


Here are a few shots of the day.

Above is second placed Steve and Stuart

Whilst to the right is Pauline and Simon

Well done to them and everyone else who tried