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MG enthusiasts of all ages are welcomed to the Centre and its Natters, including members of other clubs such as the MG Octagon Car Club and the MG Owners Club, irrespective of the model of MG owned. Please visit our 'Natter Venues' page for details of a group in your area.

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Midland Centre Events in 2018

We have recently been filling in more dates on our Calendar of Events page. Please view the page and see what's taking place around the region during 2018. Amongst numerous events, the Midland Centre is operating the following -

8 April              -        Spring Sprint at Curborough

29 April            -        'Taster Trial' at East Lodge Farm, Bromsgrove  -  see more info below.

11-13 May       -         Welsh Rallye

23 May            -         Coffee Morning Run to British Motor Museum at Gaydon

10 June           -          Midland Centre 'Touring Run'. (Destination t.b.c.)

17 June          -           Autosolo at Bruntingthorpe airfield

11 July           -            Joint 'Natter'

29 July           -            Summer Day Out at Shelsley Walsh

5 August       -            Summer Sprint at Curborough

23 September    -      Autumn Trial (location t.b.c.)

(Please note that entry is free for spectators at our Sprints & Trials, and often for other events, too, so please check with organisers beforehand).

These are in addition to a multitude of day runs and other social events being organised by the various MG groups and clubs around our region. Please visit our Calendar of Events page and see what's available to you during 2018. And please visit the page regularly to see what else has been added as we go through the year. We will hope to meet some of you at some of these events.


Midland Centre 'Taster Trial' 29 April 2018

This is an invitation for new trials drivers to have a fun day out.  It is also a chance for old hands to try out a few tweaks, or to bring along their wives or youngsters to have a go at trials driving.  New drivers don’t have to be a motor club member or have a competition licence.  MSA GoMotorSport supports the event by waiving club membership so that newcomers can have a first-hand try at this non-damaging branch of literally ‘grass roots’ motor sport.  Because it will once again be held on private land, younger drivers without a road licence are eligible but must be accompanied by an experienced trials driver who is a member of the invited clubs.  On the other hand you might have marshalled or spectated at a trial and though “I can do that in my car just as well as him!”…. well now is your chance to find out!

As in all motor sport car control is key so our ‘observed sections’ are laid out to show you the techniques that are required to start uphill, a typical feature in trials, how to cope with a steepening hill and then how to reverse down safely when the car comes to a halt – and that happens to the best of drivers – so you have to learn how to handle the situation.  Another good challenge is steering downhill dealing with bends, adverse camber, humps, hairpins and some narrow gaps between marker posts.  You may learn a few skills that could help you out on a snowy road someday!  If you’ve no-one to accompany you we can arrange for experienced drivers who will act as instructors and coaches, and can also provide rides to demonstrate how the instruction is applied on a section.


Of course trials involve paperwork: supplementary regulations and the entry form, but we write these to be as simple and user-friendly as possible to make you feel welcome.

Scrutineering is also important, making sure that cars are safe for sharing the grassy hillsides with others.  We provide a scrutineer who will run through checks with you on brakes, steering, seat security and general car condition.  No need for helmets of course, but you’ll need to bring a footpump and tyre gauge since we drop the pressures to help your cars climb.

The Centre’s inaugural Taster Trial was run last April, gaining 22 entries, including a ZR, ZS, 2 MGFs and a Rover 45, essentially daily drivers.  All entrants had a great time, praising the coaching, the venue, the catering and the organisation….take a read in June 2017 Safety Fast and the Centre’s 2017 report.

This time, calling it Taster 2 means that we’d be delighted to welcome those who (1) fancy a ‘first go’ or (2) would like an opportunity to perhaps test a newly acquired trials car or recent mods.  So may the MGCC team invite members to join us next time please….watch the Events calendar for more info.

Thank you.

Sunday 29th April   09:00         East Lodge Farm, Fox Lane, Bromsgrove   B61 7EF     SO943 698       

For further information please contact:


Adrian Tucker-Peake

Tel:      01527 878388


Brian Osborn

Tel:      0121 445 4889


Or drop us a line at the Centre’s main email address -  - and we’ll forward your email to one of these contacts. We will look forward to hearing from you.











MGB Register Spring Run 15 April 2018

Supported by British Motor Heritage


This year on Sunday 15th April we will be starting and finishing at the award winning Haynes Motor Museum in Sparkford, Somerset. For full details, please click on link below which will open a PDF document -

MGB Register Spring Run 2018


Welsh Rallye 11-13 May 2018

Plans are already well advanced for our annual Welsh Rallye which in 2018 will be held over the weekend of 11-13 May. We don't like to give too much away at this stage, but we can say that our chosen base is the Marine Hotel in Aberystwyth, the first time we have used it. More details will be revealed to guests as arrangements proceed. If you would like to join us on the event, please contact our Entries Secretary, Roger King, via email at -

and ask for further details and an entry form.










Bicester Heritage Flywheel 24 June 2018

We have received this invitation from the Stafford MG Enthusiasts Club -

Hi, I am Peter Wallis, President of Stafford MG Enthusiasts Club MGOC club 0507. We have registered to go to Flywheel Bicester Heritage on 24th June.

To get the 25% discount on pre- ordered tickets 20 tickets (10 Cars X2 people) need to sign up. I am confident that our membership will fill that number. However if we get to 50 tickets, 25 cars, the discount increases to 30% and we can get a designated parking area, but I will need to change our status within the next month.

Do you think any of your members would be interested in joining our group for the day? We don’t bite!! In fact we are well known locally as a welcoming, social club. Our members cars range from 1955 to the very latest MG3 and all decades in between. Please feel free to share my email and my phone number if anyone wants to contact me for further information. I will be at Stoneleigh as well.

Hope to hear from you,

Peter Wallis

07968 470990


Midland Centre Regalia Supplier

Ready to order that new item of summer clothing, or a new hat to protect your head from the sun?

The Midland Centre has joined with Kimber House and several other CRBs in appointing Top Signs, based in Hexham, Northumberland, as our 'regalia' supplier.

They have an excellent range of clothing items, and you can order a number of different Club logos, be it to show allegiance to your Centre or to your Register, and prices are very reasonable. If you ask them nicely, they may even be able to 'customise' your clothing for you.

So before you go off and purchase your clothing from another Club or website, take look at what we have to offer. Just click on the 'Regalia' button in the left-hand menu, and follow the links from there.



Members' Contact Details

Are your personal details correct at Kimber House?

It cannot have escaped most peoples notice that much more correspondence and general communication in business is being conducted via the medium of websites and electronic mail, and this will only increase in the future. Clearly, the use of email makes it easier, faster and (as importantly) cheaper for clubs like the MGCC to communicate with its members. However, this can only be successful if members' details at Kimber House are accurate and up-to-date. In the recent past, the Midland Centre Committee has undertaken its own checks on personal records, and has uncovered numerous inaccuracies, particularly with email addresses; for example, full-stops in the wrong place, spaces between characters where there should be none, hyphens instead of underscores, etc., etc. On that basis, the Committee would recommend that all Midland Centre members check their own personal details with Kimber House to ensure that their records are accurate, especially any email addresses. Just as importantly, please don't forget to notify Kimber House if any personal contact details change, for example if there is a change in internet service provider which entails a new email address.

Are you in the correct Centre?

We are finding that several MGCC members who should have been allocated to the Midland Centre have actually been placed in another Centre, such as the South-West or Anglia. Members are free to ask to be allocated to a specific Centre if they so wish; however, some may not be aware that they are currently in the wrong one. If you are unsure, and wish to ensure that you are in the Midland Centre, please contact Kimber House and ask them to verify this for you.

 For further assistance, please contact Membership Secretary Liz Allsworth on 01235 849734  or via email -


Volunteer Marshals

As some of you may know, the MGCC Midland Centre organises four principal sporting events during the year – two Trials and two Sprints. The Spring Trial is held at Lintridge Farm, near Ledbury, and the Autumn Trial is held at Burton Dassett Country Park, near Gaydon, Warwicks. Both the Spring Sprint and the Summer Sprint are held at Curborough, near Lichfield. 

For all these events, we always need the help of volunteer marshals. Marshalling is not an onerous task (as long as the weather is good!), and many people who volunteer find that they enjoy the event(s) and return in the future. 

For those of you who are more local to the event locations, and have people in your groups who might be interested in assisting at any of these events, please ask them to contact the Midland Centre's Chief Marshal, Simon Morris, on -

Without the help of volunteers, these and other similar events cannot take place, so please give it some thought.


Please see our 'Calendar of Events' and the 'General Information' pages for more information on the year's events or to read previous news items. Don't forget to let us have details of any MG-related events you would like to have displayed on this site.