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Visit to Frontline Engineering

 A visit to Frontline Engineering,Abingdon which went ahead on the 12th. of July in spite of the rest of the combined Event with the Abingdon Centre being cancelled due to lack of entries and what a fascinating treat members of the SEC missed!

Ironically 20 cars turned up mine being the only SEC representative. A 2 hour tour of the Frontline facility was conducted with great humour by Ed Braclik.-focussing on the new topless "Abingdon"Edition. All running with Mazda engines and featuring lengthened tails to accommodate an extraordinary sound systems.(0-60-3.5 seconds!)

The cars are based on existing Donor MGBs, adopting their numbers and Registration marks.
To qualify as "Classics" a percentage of refurbished original parts such as restored rear axles are included.
We saw cars priced at £60k to well over £100k,depending on individual spec.
Pictures include the pristine underside of an LE and the Leather cutting room with hides from Connolly and Bentley as well as Satnav built in to a GT.

Picture ©Jon Glover

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