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Results of the on-line survey of the Dinner/dance

We thank all those who have responded to our survey on the website. We
had 29 people giving their views, for which we thank them, even though about
half hadnít attended the Dinner in the last two years.

Over 60% considered the Reigate Manor to be a good venue. It is
reasonably central to the SE Centre members, as well as having good close
access from the M25, making driving there and back an easy trip. Other
alternative venues have been suggested, and some have already been
looked at, but turned down on price Ė one venue wanted £600 for the room,
with food being extra. We have decided to return this year to the Reigate
Manor Hotel, but will afterwards be looking at alternative venues for next year.
Regarding the cost, 56% of respondents would be prepared to pay more for
better food, venue and music. We are therefore going to get a better food
selection for this year.

Regarding the music provided, 27% enjoyed the music, whilst 31% would
prefer an alternative. As a result we will be having a new singer in the form of
Jayson from the Drifters, although it will cost us £100 more. However he will
be providing the same sort of music from the 60s and 70s as before, which
proved to be popular with those attending in the last two years, as the dance
floor was generally well populated right up to the end.

Some people have suggested we cut out the music, but as mentioned
above the dancing is popular and we shall keep this in.
In the past there have been requests for live music, which we have since
provided. Also people have said they do not want the music to be too loud, as
some people wish to talk to their friends; this has also been acted upon.

The date of April 9th seemed to suit most people, and about a third of
people were interested in overnight accommodation, which is provided at
Reigate Manor, and will be kept in mind for future venues.

About half of the responses said they would prefer an Awards lunchtime
event, instead of coming out in the evening. This would not provide the
dancing which a lot of people still like to do.

There was some suggestion that we cut out or reduce the time spent on the
presentation of awards. It should be remember that for those people who
have gained an award, the public presentation is part of the satisfaction of
gaining an award. However we have streamlined the presentation, as
previously there was some delay whilst the called up recipient extricated
him/herself from their table. This delay has been removed.

So we shall still continue with the Dinner/dance and the date for this yearís
event is the 9th April, so put this in your diary, and we hope to see a better
turnout this year.

MGCCSE Committee