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Maestro Turbo with HJW bodykit MG'M'99 Trophies Stylish new regalia MG Metro Jackie Wood's low mileage Turbo
Everyone has a good look around Maestro Turbo lineup, just a few of the 40 Turbos! Stunning MG Montego Maestro Turbo Picnic time amongst the cars
BRG Maestro Turbo Special Turbo Regalia Red That Montego again! Maestro Turbo
BRG Maestro Turbo White Welcome banner Display at club marquee MG'M' Groups banner
John Dalton with his F reg 2.0Efi Birthday Cake MG Metro Maestro Turbo A very clean MG Metro
Maestro Turbo Maestro Turbo HJW Motosport Roger Parkers clinic! Maestro Turbo

A selection of images from MG'M' 99 - Click on thumbnail to view full size image - some are quite large!

This is the main event of the year for the MG'M' Group and the FWD register. Both clubs working hand in hand to promote and stage this year's event. Thanks must go to all those involved - the committee members of the clubs, the traders, and the Midland Motor Museum, Bridgnorth, Shropshire. Thanks too to the MG Owners Club and the MG Car Club for having a stand at this year's event. As a Maestro Turbo owner (my wife and I currently own four - is this a record?), it was exciting to see such a fabulous display of Maestro Turbos all in one place. 40 - yes 40, out of the original 505 that were made were there on display. Even one of the original press cars, F998 RHP - a white pristine example graced our presence. The standard of some of the cars was so high that not even my wife's 23k miles example (which had just come back from the paint shop after having all it's rust blemishes removed) couldn't steal one of the many prizes and awards on the day. Approximately 160 FWD cars turned up at the gate. A few MGFs and some older MGs also turned up to see what was going on. Not even Silverstone 99 or MG 99 at Billing Aquadrome - the main events for the MGCC and MGOC could muster such an enthusiastic display of FWD MGs. I spoke to two Maestro Turbo owners who had made the journey without their cars due to various reasons. Thank you for coming, I'm sure next time you'll bring your Maestro Turbos come hell or high water! An immaculate rare (one of only 49) black Maestro Turbo (H676 HPA) won the Maestro Turbo award for the day. Well done to Danny Benedict.

A special birthday cake had been made to celebrate the 10th birthday of the Maestro Turbo. Those owners who waited until the end, each got a slice of the cake. The Bar-B-Q provided by the Midland Motor Museum went down very well and was ideally suited to the glorious weather. Also to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the Turbo some special edition polo shirts and footwell mats were available from the MG'M' Group stand. Also, footwell mats with a generic FWD register/MG'M' Group logo are now available from either club. These feature grey pile carpet with red piping to match the interior of your MG Maestro or Montego. Both drivers mat and front passenger mats feature the generic steering wheel and MG embroidered logo. At 35 plus 5 postage (UK) for a four mat set, these represent excellent value for your Montego or Maestro. The mats feature a non-slip backing with extra securing screws for the driver's mat - which also features a reinforced heel section. When club funds allow, a Metro mat set will also become available. Contact me at the email address below to order any of the new or existing FWD register regalia items.

Outstanding examples of the MG Metro and Metro Turbo were seen on the day - congratulations to Elaine Marshall (MG Metro 1300) for winning the car of the day award. On the Montego front the most memorable car was a Peugeot-pearlecent gold custom-painted example with Tickford body kit - G65 CNP owned by Mr. D. Chambers. Also in the modified area, several T16 engine converted Maestro and Montego examples were on show, including the Targa red Maestro belonging to MG'M' Group ex-committee member Victor Kish, whose car has also featured on Top Gear and in MG World magazine.

Special thanks to Roger Parker for getting his hands dirty, once again, by giving all the turbo owners a practical demonstration on how to turn up the boost on your turbo. Next years show will be at the same venue. It will be even bigger and better now that we have a whole year to plan for it. The 160 car turnout at this year's event shows the growing enthusiasm for these very practical and affordable MG's. Also present at the show was the newly formed Maestro owners club which caters for all Maestro variants - Austin as well as the MG variety. Finally, special thanks to all the members who turned up for the day. And what a glorious day it was - and not just because of the great weather. See you all next year!

Words byMartin Woods
Photography by Kelvin Fagan

All photographs displayed are copyright, and must not be used without permission!

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