Here's the page you've all been waiting for, the motley crew that call themselves the Burnley and Pendle MG Owners Club!

If any members details are incorrect or incomplete, then please let me know and the changes will be made - it's very difficult to keep up with some of you.

Members Car Year Registration Colour
Anne and Andrew Bell MGA 1600 MkII Coupe 1963 15TJ White
David and Julie Hall MGB 1963 ACK 156A Red
Ted Howarth MGB Roadster 1967 NBU 40E Green
. MGF 2000 T8 TED Sienna Gold
Neil and Janet Taylor MG Midget 1971 HPG 901K Red
Irv and Gail Lawrence MGB Roadster 1972 LYP 656K Old English White
Jim and Christine Burrows MGB GT 1972 RTB 200L White
David Gifford MGB Roadster 1978 MHG 642T Yellow
Ray Raines and Lynne Barker MGB 1971 EME 14J Tartan Red
David and Enid Knagg MGF 1996 K100 MGF Red
MG ZT-T 2001 K100 ADK Trophy Blue
Peter and Susan Kelly MGF 1998 R907 JBV British Racing Green
John and Daisy Hufferdine MGF 1998 R254 BEC British Racing Green
Eric and Sheila Brownlow MGF 2000 W845 UEO Sienna Gold
Francis Smith MG TF 2002 N55 MGF Red
Neil Woodhead and Cathy Mellor MG ZR 2003 MW52 HTN Anthracite

Dave G with his Inca Yellow MGB Roadster

David's MG ZT

Irv and Gail with their White MGB Roadster

John W with his MGB GT

Neil and Janet with their little red MG Midget

Pam and Morris with their MGF

Ray and Lynne with their MG RV8

Ray and Lynne with their BRG MGB Roadster

Andrew Varley - with his little yellow Midget

Neil Woodhead and Cathy Mellor's previous 1973 Blaze MGB GT

Copyright 2003 Neil Martin Woodhead

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