Monthly Club Meeting - Tuesday 17th December 2002

Boxing Day Pub Run - Thursday 26th December 2002

Sorry folks we didn't make either of these. Please let me have a report if you attended.

(Neil Woodhead 27/12/02)

December Pub Run - Sunday 1 December 2002

A good selection of cars congregated at the Sparrowhawk for what was Cathy's first day as navigator. We took the route through Sabden and over Pendle Hill then down into Barrow, Great Mitten, Hurst Green College and almost to Longridge. At this point we were only five minutes from the pub, but we took a few turns and headed north through Whitewell, Dunsop Bridge and over the Trough of Bowland. Past Abbeystead we headed west and then south past Calder Fell, Oakenclough and Bleasdale. After a few wrong turns and complete confusion, we miraculously ended up near White Chapel and from ther it was quite easy to find Longridge and then Goosnargh.

In Goosnargh we stopped at the Bushells Arms, a fine pub that Cathy and I had visited twice before in November. On this occasion, the food was great but the service was unbelievably slow. It was literally hours before the starters arrived and the main courses were even longer. One or two orders ended up being wrong and cathy was mortified that her run had degenerated to this. However we all had a good natter and the weather was good, so the run was well worth it and the pub was completely out of our hands. Next time, remember to pack a picnic!

We all left the Bushells Arms and headed off in various directions. We just hope you all got home in one piece!

(Neil Woodhead 7/12/02)

Monthly Club Meeting - Tuesday 19th November 2002

November Pub Run - Sunday 3 November 2002

Sorry folks - didn't make either of these due to being away. Please let me have a report if you attended.

(Neil Woodhead 27/11/02)

Monthly Meeting - Tuesday 15th October 2002

I made it to the October meeting, unlike squeaky John who seems to have gone missing. Are you still out there? We had new members join the club and they were made very welcome - Francis Priestley and David & Julie Hall.

We had a good discussion on the New Year weekend away, which next year is between 17th and 19th January at Whoop Hall, Kirkby Lonsdale. The cost is 50 per person per night for dinner, bed and breakfast in a superior room. For a standard room, the cost is 40 per person per night for dinner, bed and breakfast. The hotel has been checked out in detail by Pam and Morris, who provided a full and detailed written report on their findings - right down to the cost of a pint! What dedication. The hotel has live music on a Friday evening and jazz on the Sunday lunchtime. Follow the link below to Whoop Hall's own website.

Whoop Hall

For the Sunday pub run in January, it is planned to make it a Curry run (or runs!) by visiting an Indian Restaurant to sample an Indian Banquet at a very reasonable cost. More details to follow. The plans for the 2003 Pendle Run are coming together nicely and we should be in a position to advertise the date and details in the New Year.

(Neil Woodhead 16/10/02)

David and Enid's October Sunday Pub Run - Sunday 6th October 2002

It was our intention to make this run, but just 20 minutes before we were due to set off, we had major problems with the F! A broken fan, overheating and a damaged head gasket - so we didn't quite make it as far as the Sparrowhawk! It took until 15th October for all the repairs to be completed, so at least I made it to the next meeting - but only just. And for those of you thinking that it's a strange coincidence that Cathy is now driving the F and has her own set of keys, then it is only a coincidence - honest!

I hope it was a good run and if you attended, then please let me have some details.

(Neil Woodhead 16/10/02)

Monthly Meeting - Tuesday 17th September 2002

Well for once Cathy and I turned up for the evening run at 7pm, we thought we should as it was the last one of the summer. However no-one else did! We then realised that most of the Club were probably in Spain, so we took a decision and had a night out instead. Whether there was a meeting at 8:30 or not, we're not sure.

(Neil Woodhead 20/09/02)

Ray and Lynne's September Sunday Run - Sunday 1st September 2002

We were away for this Sunday run, enjoying the sunshine in Norfolk at their Memorial Run around the old RAF bases from WWII. If you attended Ray and Lynne's Run, then please let me have some details.

(Neil Woodhead 10/09/02)

Monthly Meeting - Tuesday 20th August 2002

Another good turnout for August meeting, with a run led by John and Jose. The dates for the next Pendle Run and starting venue have now been agreed, but will not be advertised until the new year, so make sure you come to a meeting to find out when the eleventh run is! We received lots and lots of praise for our tenth event - so well done everyone for your efforts.

The Townley Classic Car Show seems to have gone well, although it was nice and dry all day - except for the few minutes that Burnley and pendle MGOC were in the arena! Finally, the New Years bash is hopefully to be held on the weekend of 17th to 19th January - venue and costs to be arranged.

(Neil Woodhead 29/08/02)

Townley Classic Car Show - Sunday 11th August 2002

Andrew and Anne's August Sunday Run - Sunday 4th August 2002

We were away for these two events, soaking up the Cornish sun. If you attended, then please let me have some details. The only news I have had, is that John managed to get lost from the rest of the pack, within 5 minutes and 3 turns of the Petre Arms - which must be a record, even by his own standards!

(Neil Woodhead 15/08/02)

Tenth Anniversary Pendle Run Weekend - Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th July 2002

Visit the Pendle Run 2002 page for the review and photos!

Click Here - for the 10th Pendle Run 2002

(Neil Woodhead 31/07/02)

Monthly Meeting - Tuesday 16th July 2002

A superb turnout for the July meeting, with 28 people filling the Sparrowhawk - including new members and potential members. On this occasion it sounds like we missed a good run! John Huffadine led the run of a dozen cars away from the Sparrowhawk, but it seems like chaos ensued with the run splitting into at least two midway round. When Cathy and I arrived at the pub, the majority of the cars were back, but John and the other front runners were still out there in the abyss. A while later, more people returned and everyone looked bemused and confused as to exactly where they had been and who had been following who. Jose was back to steer the meeting and the main talking point was the forthcoming Pendle Run in ten or so days time. Everything is ready, well almost, and if the sun shines it promises to be a fantastic day again. On the Saturday night, the pub should be packed to the roof and the band is promised to be superb! The Pendle Run is now even more completely full at 108+ entries and this really is FULL.

Don't forget that a couple of our forthcoming Sunday Runs will be starting from different venues - Sunday 4th August and Sunday 1st September. Please make sure you're in the right place, on the right day, at the right time.

(Neil Woodhead 19/07/02)

July Club Run - Sunday 7th July 2002

Our July run saw a collection of eight cars gather at the Sparrowhawk. We had a Midget, a BGT, 2 B Roadsters, an RV8, two Fs and some yellow thing without an MG badge! The weather was nice and warm and Irv and Gail led us on what must be the longest Sunday run I've done!

Upon leaving the Pub, they led us through the villages and towns of Lothersdale, Skipton, Kettlewell and Hubberholme. Here we stopped at The George Inn - a small quaint country pub that Cathy and Morris had clearly been to before, which was somewhat worring for Pam and I, as we hadn't!! We basked out in the glorious sunshine, enjoyed some Blacksheep Bitter, amongst other things, and some good value food. A herd of those hairdressers arrived in their MX5s but seeing the carpark full, they sped off without stopping.

We then continued on our merry sunny way to Hawes and Dent, before Neil & Janet had to leave us, shortly followed by Ray & Lynne. We then continued through Upper Bentham, Slaidburn, Waddington and Clitheroe. By now, we'd been on the road for about five hours, including the Goerge Inn pitstop! Upon leaving Clitheore, people seemed to go in all kinds of directions and i'm not sure who was following who and whether they really should have been. We stuck to Irv and Gail and somewhere behind was that yellow thing. Dave & Ronnie shot off down the bypass, followed by John. I've no idea what happened to Pam and Morris. We finished back at the Sparrowhawk, tired and sunburnt.

Superb run Irv and Gail - glorous sunshine and it was good to have a longer run over some different roads.

(Neil Woodhead 09/07/02)

Monthly Meeting - Tuesday 18th June 2002

Another good turnout for the June meeting - a particular mention to Jim & Christine and John, all of whom are new members and it is great to see you all. There was a run at 7pm, but once again Cathy and I didn't arrive until later. It was a combination of two accidents and enjoying some food at the Fence Gate Inn that caused us to arrive at 8.20pm and not 7pm! Of course, had we realised that Treasurer Neil was running the show, then we may have turned up earlier - or possibly given the meeting a miss!! After the domineering Gail, Neil certainly made a nice laid back approach - no-one was shouted at and we were able to take about Harrogate without endangering our lives. Come back soon Jose, all is forgiven!!

Discussions in the meeting revolved around recent runs such as the Ratae Run in Leicestershire and Rutland that Cathy and I attended the previous weekend. Some of the forthcoming runs which members are planning to attend are the Cobblestones Run, Marcham Road Run, Cheshire Romp, Snowdon Run and one or two others. If you do attend a run, then please let me have a report and I'll include it on the website and in the magazine. Also, don't forget to keep Ted informed, so that he can co-ordinate people who are attending the same events. The Tenth Anniversary Pendle Run is completely full at 103 entries and the Padiham Panache Clog Dancers will be on hand to entertain us during the buffet. On the Saturday, for those that are stayingovernight at the Stone TRough, we're meeting at the Sparrowhawk at 2pm for my run through Lancashire - and hopefully there may be a surprise or two in store for you en route!

Please take note that a few of our forthcoming Sunday Runs will be starting NOT at the Sparrowhawk, but at different venues. Please check the website and ask Ted if you're unsure - we wouldn't want to be sat in Russell Dean's car park in Mytholmroyd, if you're waiting for us in Fence. Finally, Cathy has eventually got her wish and will be leading the Sunday Run on 1st December - so heed my warning and make arrangements for a holiday in early December, before it's too late....

One final point - will people please stop using Sheila as some kind of hand drying implement - if the hand dryers at the Sparrowhawk are a little on the slow side, then wipe your hands somewhere else and don't dance with Sheila as some conniving way of getting your hands dry. You know who you are and if you've forgotten, it's you with the condiment obsession!

(Neil Woodhead 19/06/02)

June Club Run - Sunday 9th June 2002

Our May run saw a collection of nine cars gather at the Craven Heifer near Skipton - and we were all on time, after our warning from Ted! We had a Midget, a BGT, B Roadster, an RV8, a TF and four Fs - including the return of John, who was not put off during the May Run adventures and Steve in his BRG F. The weather was not the best, in fact it poured down, so tops were kept up.

Upon leaving the Pub, Ted led us north through the villages of Cracoe, Threshfield and Kettlewell. In Kettlewell we took the road over the moors past Great and Little Whernsides, through Horsehouse and down into Middleham for a quick stop. MGs flooded the village centre as drivers and passengers headed for the local public conveniences! After a little confusion, we then headed south skirting through villages near Masham, before heading back over the other moorland road to Lofthouse and Middlesmoor. By this time, Styeve had stopped to put his hood down, but it didn't last long! We stopped at Stean Gorge - when we finally managed to get over the bridge into the car park. The fifteen of us took over most of the cafe and after some good food, we returned to te downpour to continue our journey south through Ramsgill, Pateley Bridge and then west to Greenhow, Blubberhouses and Bolton Abbey. Here Ted & Jo and Ray & Lynne departed and left the rest of us to head back through Skipton to Burnley

Great run Ted, shame about the weather, but it didn't dampen our spirits. It was good to see Steve back with an MG and also John - don't know if your brakes were squeaking this time, but your left brakelight was out!

(Neil Woodhead 12/06/02)

Monthly Meeting - Tuesday 21st May 2002

Plenty of members attended the May meeting. There was a run at 7pm, but Cathy and I didn't arrive until later. I understand that David and Enid were the only ones with the hood down - everyone else decided the bad weather was too much for them. Discussions in the meeting revolved around recent runs such as the Jorvik Run and those forthcoming runs which members are planning to attend. Don't forget to keep Ted informed, so that he can co-ordinate people who are attending the same events.

Talking of Ted, he seems to have develop a desire to purchase a hundred jars of Nescafe so that he can collect the octagonal tops and create some strange kind of MG badge! Apparantly you can get them on a 2 for 1 offer at Asda for a limited time only!! It must be something in the air, because Neil is still collecting a range of condiments for a picnic he never seems to go on. This month he was presented with a parcel, containing condiments from a hotel in York. One day, we'll have a Sunday run and a large picnic consisting of salt, pepper, vinegar, sugar, coffee and for those lucky people possibly some tartare sauce - wow!

And as for the Tenth Anniversary Pendle Run, all bookings have now been taken and the run is full with a hundred or so entries. Everything looks set for yet another cracking event. If you've missed out this year, then make sure you book early for the 2003 event.

(Neil Woodhead 23/05/02)

Jorvik Run - Sunday 19th May 2002

Cathy and I arrived in sunny Tadcaster to find the John Smiths brewery car park heaving with MGs and a frog-eye Sprite. We met the rest of the Burnley and Pendle gang - John & Jose, David & Enid, Pam & Morris, Ted & Jo - who had all travelled upto York and Tadcaster the previous day. We heard tales of broken down cars - both a B and an F. John & Jose's B had suffered once or twice on the way up and David & Enid had battery problems with the F. battery problems which meant we had to push start them from the brewery - no doubt to the amusement of all those classic MG owners stood watching.

The route took us through the streets of Tadcaster and then north through Whixley, Boroughbridge and other villages, to the town of Helmsley. It was here on 51.8 miles that we had agreed to meet. The four Fs arrived together and after a short discussion, decided that we would venture into the local pub for lunch. We tried to telephone John & Jose, but there was no reply. We also had a rather strange individual who took particular interest in lying on the floor and staring at the underneath of David & Enid's F. He never spoke and must have been old enough to remember the coronation of Victoria. What he was looking for or at, we had no idea!! The pub was first class and Cathy was much happier when she'd demolished a large Sunday roast.

Still no sign of John & Jose, we headed out of Helmsley and the route took us through Kirbymoorside, Thornton Le Dale, to the finish at St Helens Campsite in Scarborough. The run was excellent, passing through many picturesque villages. The only downside was the finish was a bit of an anti-climax, as we parked in a field and there was very little to do. Cathy slept and the rest of us tried to count how many balloons were in a Peugeot - in the hpe we might win a mountain bike. Having heard nothing, it seems like we may have guessed wrong! Just about to leave and John & Jose arrived complete with B, some wire and pages full of combinations. It transpired that their run had lasted just 0.3 miles when they broke down upon leaving John Smiths brewery! An hour and a half later they were on their merry way and eventually did the full route and made it to the end!! Bet they can't wait to get their new Porsche - but we'd better not talk about that, as they haven't yet started to build it and it seems like they're off to the Alps in a Vectra!!

Upon leaving Scarborough, we headed our separate ways yet all seeemed to take the road through Helmsley, Ripon, Harrogate and over Blubberhouses to Skipton and Burnley. David & Enid caught Cathy & I parked in a quiet spot by Bolton Abbey station - we were putting the hood up, honest governor!

(Neil Woodhead 23/05/02)

May Club Run - Sunday 5th May 2002

Our May run saw a B, a BGT, an RV8 and 3 Fs gather at the Sparrowhawk. Suprises were John back ine Bertie the B after being shamed into owning another MG - and rightly so, as we can't have our Chairmana nd Secretary driving a Porsche and no MG! We also welcomed John from Burnley in his BGT complete with extremely squeaking brakes. It was a nice warm day and for those of us that could, tops were down. (I'm only bragging because in the past I had a BGT!)

After great mutterings and glancings at the map, Neil and Janet led us off, although Janet seemed to have very little say in where we were heading. It was north through Barley and Chatburn before stopping for coffee at the Parkers Arms pub somewhere near or maybe actually in Slaidburn. Neil very generously offered to pay for the coffees, but then confessed that it was the club and not actually his wallet that was shelling out over 10.

It was at this point that our problems began, however we weren't to know this for a further ten or so miles. Those of you not on the run will now be wondering exactly what problems these could have been - possibly we'd left someone in the toilet at the pub or something. But no, it wasn't that and indeed the problem was really only for new boy John and myself. It went something like this - we left the pub and made a couple of turns heading into what I believe was Slaidburn centre (not that the centre is big or anything) and then we (or at least I thought it was we) cruised out of Slaidburn on the B6478 towards Tosside and Wigglesworth. John was stuck to my rear bumper like glue and all seemed well. The cars in front were obviously cruising at quite a speed and so we had to do the same in order to try and catch them up. It was near Long Preston that I pulled over and confessed to John, that we seemed to be on our own - just the two of us. No-one in front and no-one behind. John confessed he hadn't a clue what was going on and was just following me.

A quick phone call to Janet resulted in some short horror before the line went dead. Apparantly the signal had gone dead but if you believe that, you'll believe anything. Janet had clearly cut us off and had no desire to help us in our predicament. John didn't seem to mind and so we had our own little two MG run towards Gisburn with the hope that we'd find our way back to Burnley. Perhaps at this point I should remind readers that John recently moved to Burnley from near Newmarket and so was completely in my hands. My navigational skills around the area are somewhat limited, due to the fact that I've never lived in or anywhere that close to Burnley or Pendle! But we thought we were heading the right way.

The next part of the adventure was a phone call from Neil. Not to apologise for Janet so rudely cutting me off, but to have a laugh at the fact we were near Gisburn and heading south - whereas everyone else were heading north over the moors and Great Harlow. Ah was my response. Never mind, we agreed to meet back at the Sparrowhawk and recount our different routes. John was still stuck to my rear with superglue and we seemed to encounter nothing but closed roads and diversions as we slowly wound our way back to Fence. Once there we sat in the beer garden and enjoyed a couple of refreshing beers whilst we awaited the return of the rest of the gang.

I must confess that I was confused as to how they had left us behind, but moreso by the fact that Chairman John was with them and he was behind us when we left the Parkers Arms! Eventually they arrived to laugh hysterically at us for being so incompetent. Apparently we should have turned left in Slaidburn when everybody else did - that's OK apart from the fact that a) we didn't see anyone turn left and b) nonody told us to turn left! And the reason our illustrious Chairman had followed the correct route was due to the fact that they'd discussed it and not told me - well you can imagine can't you. Our only joy was the news that they'd been holding all the traffic up waiting for us to catch up and somehow thinking we were with them, when in fact it was a couple of MX5s!! Of all the things they could mistake us for. A shiny white MGF and a noisy MG BGT mistaken for a couple of hairdressers. I was shocked - but intend to get my own back before the end of the year.

(Neil Woodhead 10/05/02)

Monthly Meeting - Tuesday 16th April 2002

Yes - I arrived early again, Cathy being in sunny Sunderland, yet more proof that Cathy is the one that causes us to be late for everything! With John and Jose being absent, we all had to suffer the dominatrix attitude of Gail! Thanks to Anne for the polo shirts - they're excellent. The meeting revolved around the Pendle Run and the 84 cars that are already booked on - just 20 short of last year and still 3 months to go before the event. Everything is looking set for an excellent 10th Anniversary run.

Apart from the Pendle Run, we also discussed various other club's events and hope to attend a great many of them between us all. The forthcoming ones being the Jorvik MG Run, The Cobblestones Run, St Bee's to St Abb's and the Dales Run.

(Neil Woodhead 20/04/02)

Monthly Meetings - Tuesday 19th February and 19th March 2002

March Club Run - Sunday 3rd March 2002

Sorry folks - didn't make any of these. Please let me have a report if you attended.

(Neil Woodhead 28/02/02)

February Club Run - Sunday 3rd February 2002

Our February run saw a B, 4 Fs and a Porsche gather at the Sparrowhawk - Ted & Jo in the MGF, John & Sarah in the MGF, Eric & Sheila in the MGF, Irv & Gail in the Porsche, dave G in his B and Cathy & myself in the MGF. However John H and Jose were there to wave us off on our run. It was cold, wet and pretty miserable again, and only John & Sarah and Dave G had the hoods down. The rest of us decided it was far too miserable - in fact Cathy seemed frozen to death with the hood up - which was quite worrying!!

Dave led us on the run, which took us over to Settle via Gisburn, calling at Settle Services for chaos in the ladies toilet. I'm told it wa amazing watching so many of the girls get their monies worth from a single 10 pence piece at the toilets!! Upon leaving Settle we headed to Stainforth and then over the moors past malham tarn and once again stopped at Beck Hall in Malham. After much discussion on whether we were eating, drinking, both or neither, we settled on some warming food and hot drinks all round - well apart from Dave who took it upon himself to have a pint of Black Sheep Ale - maybe he knew something about the rest of the run that we didn't?

From Malham we headed south to Gargrave, Skipton, Carleton, Foulridge and back to the Sparrowhawk. It was a good long run and most enjoyable despite the weather. Just a shame that Janet & Neil weren't with us, because we forgot to collect more condiments for their picnic basket!!!

(Neil Woodhead 04/02/02)

New Year Bash - Friday 18th to Sunday 20th January 2002

Gathering in the bar at the Damson Dene Hotel in Crosthwaite, Cumbria on Friday evening was every member of our club - a remarkable feat in itself. We were treated to a fabulous menu and plenty of alcoholic beverages as we sat in one corner of the restaurant around one very large square. Following the meal, we retired to the bar again for another odd alcoholic beverage and to watch Cathy demolish everyone except Irv The Swerve on the pool table. Better men than I fell at the wayside and Peter was forced to commit suicide early in his game to avoid total humiliation. The only downside, was the bar closes at 11pm - something we weren't quite used to and found extremely hard to accept!

On Saturday morning we all gathered again for breakfast, only to discover there were no sausages left for Peter and Susan - never mind folks. Following breakfast we split into what seemed like a hundred groups and MGs left the hotel car park in all directions to various parts of the Lake District. Being unable to speak for anyone else, I can only tell you that Cathy and I headed over Hardknott and Wrynose before strolling around Bowness on a rather freezing afternoon. Back at the hotel many of us enjoyed the leisure facilities - pool, sauna, steam room, spa, gymnasium and squash court. Peter claimed to be not very good at squash, which just proved how poor at it Cathy and I were! But then there's no excuse for laziness, no matter how hard I try to find one. Saturday evening we again met in the bar for a re-run of the Friday evening. Alcoholic beverages, good food, wonderful company and a hundred further games of pool. It was an excellent evening, made better by the headgear of Raymond and Neil.

Sunday morning presented us with another large breakfast - plenty of sausages this time - before we all gave our goodbyes and headed back South to East Lancashire. Nothing but praise again for Janet and Neil in organising yet another excellent weekend away. With this and Gargunnock House, we've been spoilt rotten over the last couple of months. I have but two requests for next time - a bar that stays open later and no sporting facilities to be humiliated on!!

(Neil Woodhead 21/01/02)

AGM and Monthly Meeting - Tuesday 15th January 2002

For those of you who thought your watches had stopped, NO - in fact I arrived early for the AGM, which just goes to prove that Cathy is the one that causes us to be late for everything! We enjoyed a good attendance at the AGM and a good number of issues were discussed. Jose remains as Secretary, John/Janet are Treasurers and I have any strange title that you wish, providing it has some connection to publishing, media, information technology etc etc.

Everything is going sweetly for the 10th Anniversary Pendle Run and anyone who has ordered some of the new clubwear, you should have received it by the next meeting in February. We had lots of talk about the forthcoming weekend at the Damson Dene and then pilled out to the carpark to view Dave's new car - as it's not an MG, I won't go into detail. We then pilled back inside the pub for a pint or two.

(Neil Woodhead 21/01/02)

January Club Run - Sunday 6th January 2002

Just four MGs gathered at The Sparrowhawk in Fence for the first of the 2002 Sunday runs - Ted & Jo in the MGF, Janet & Neil in the Midget, Ray & Lynne in the RV8 and Cathy & myself in the MGF. However Irv did visit us at the start in his Porsche. It was cold, foggy and a pretty miserable Sunday morning all round, but the hoods were down and we were led away by Janet and Neil who took us through Kelbrook and Earby to Gargrave. Here we had some great confusion as no-one seemed to know who was leading and where we were going. Complete chaos.

Upon eventually leaving Gargrave, Ted was leading us north to Malham where we called at Beck Hall to allow Neil and Janet to replenish their picnic basket with sachets of salad cream, mayonnaise, sugar, salt, pepper and anything else they could lay their hands on. As we were there, we also took advantage of the time to enjoy some warming toasted sandwiches, washed down with tea, coffee and chocolate.

When we evetually dared return to the cold, we were all wished a Happy New Year by a very friendly passerby, before we headed north again near Malham Tarn, Arncliffe and Kilnsey. Then it was south through Threshfield, Rylstone and onto the Skipton bypass. Here we split, with Ray & Lynne and Ted & Jo taking the road over towards Haworth and Hebden Bridge. Meanwhile Neil & Janet and Cathy & myself took the route back through Thornton in Craven, Earby, Kelbrook and back towards Burnley. There may not have been many of us, but at least Janet & Neil now have more condiments in their picnic basket!

(Neil Woodhead 07/01/02)

Events in 2001

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