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Reproduction MGTD's{short description of image}

There is an old saying that imitation is the best form of flattery. I would say that may be true but only when the imitation is as good as the real thing. In most cases it's more like an embarrassment. Anyway for your entertainment I have provided a few samples of imitators of the MGTD. I use the term Reproduction here very loosely.

Many of the pictures of the replicars on this page came from Bob Classic's, Inc.

British Coach Works - Model 52

MP Lafer

Classic Roadsters, LTD. - The Dutchess

Piper Auto - The Seneca

Fiberfab - Migi

Daytona - Migi

Rich Industries - MGTD

Classic Motor Carriages - Classic TD

MG-TD Classic by Allison

Marshall Groups TDClassic

Owning a TDClassic gives you the uniqueness of British sports car styling and wind in the hair feel. Combine that with performance, safety, economy, and style that would make any gearhead happy. The TD Classic is built to appeal to modern drivers with a uniqueness and style that anyone of any legal driving age may enjoy day after day for years to come.


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