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Unrestored TF6688

My name is Colin Stafford and I live in the state of Michigan, USA. While I am not a "self proclaimed TF expert" I can claim to have, according to a few guru"s, a very well preserved, low mileage original car. I feel that my car provides an excellent reference guide to the "original" TF. Other than tyres, battery , top and some hoses, all of the paint and parts are those put on either at Abingdon or by the German Nuffield dealer. I can attest to this fact in that I drove this car in 1956 and it is no different now than it was then.

Note: Obviously there have been some modifications to these cars since they were produced in the interest of keeping them running. You will notice for example that some of the flexible fuel and oil lines, battery, fan belts, spark plug wires, and radiator hoses were replaced. We will try to call out the exceptions in the photo credit area below.


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