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Michigan Rowdies - Special Calendar Item


Some of you may have received an email concerning a June, 2017, drive through the Dolomite region of Italy.
Looks like a fun, but probably expensive trip. But if you're up for it, read on

A google search will bring up several web sites, but here's one example if you want to take a look: Dolomites - Rick Steves Guide

What follows is the email as sent.

Dear MG-Driver

Our next MG event in the Dolomites / SouthTyrol is organized and as a MG Enthusiast I wish to extend an invitation to your Members and friends in your Area to join in.

2017 MG Summer Meeting in the Dolomites

It will be based in Watles (near the Reschenpaß / SouthTyrol on the corner of the Austrian, Swiss and Italian border).

It will be held from 2017 June 14 to 2017 June 19. Deadline = 2017 February 8

The participation is limited to 60 teams and we will stay in two very nice hotels which are nearby.

There will be scenic, non racing, drives and stunning mountainside views to enjoy. Be sure that it is specially planned, because I understand that it is a long journey for you to reach us here in the Dolomites. I am sure you will enjoy some unforgettable drives in our mountains.

My contact details, as the organizer in the area, are below:

Christian Bianco

Email =

Mobile = +39 338 314 67 79

In the USA you can contact:

Paul C Resch

USA mobile / cell phone = 1-661-645-5266
Email =

This invitation is directed to MG-Drivers all over the world and for this reason hopefully there will be a mix of entrants from throughout Europe and a variety MGs, like on the past events. Drivers from Australia and New Zealand have announced their participation, so it will be a very nice event again.

So, if you would be kind enough to circulate this amongst your friends I would be very grateful.

Best Regards

Christian Bianco with Rosalind and Lucy