Buyers Guide To Angle Grinders

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1st July 2008

Machine Mart

Machine Marts Buyer's Guide To Angle Grinders

An angle grinder is a handheld power tool which may be used for grinding and cutting.

Fitted with the correct disc they may be used for metal cutting, metal grinding and masonry cutting.

Usually the discs are made of a reinforced abrasive material. Diamond discs are also available for masonry cutting, these make a much neater cut, more quickly and last longer than the conventional discs but they are significantly more expensive.

Other accessories include flap wheels, mortar rakes and specialist wood cutting discs, making these machines more versatile.

Machine Mart sells a range of angle grinders, powered by a choice of - electricity 110volt, 240volt, 18volt cordless or compressed air.

Key features of Angle Grinders

  • No load speed - The speed the disc rotates at before cutting starts.
  • Soft Start - This is a feature of most larger machines, it makes the machine easier to handle on start up.
  • Voltage - 240volt, 110volt or 18volt re-chargeable, a cordless tool offers more flexibility.
  • Wattage - Larger discs require more power.
  • Spindle lock - Makes disc changes quicker and easier.
  • cfm - air consumption of pneumatic tools.
  • Disc size - The most common disc sizes available are :-4½ inch (115mm), 5 inch (125mm) 6 inch (150mm), 7 inch (180mm), 9 inch (230mm)

    To obtain the optimum cutting speed smaller angle grinders operate at higher rpm’s than their larger counterparts. Because of this smaller discs do not tend to last as long as larger discs. The depth of cut is also affected by the disc size.

    When selecting an angle grinder there are several features to look for which will make operating it easier and safer.
  • Does it have an adjustable guard? This will protect you from sparks and debris and can be moved to suit the current job.
  • Does it have an adjustable side handle? This makes the machine useable either right or left handed. The more positions available, the more versatile the machine is.
  • Does it have an anti-vibration handle? This will make the machine more comfortable to use over extended periods. Even if you buy a machine without one, the anti vibration handles are available to buy from Machine Mart.


    While thinking about safety, it is important to remember that angle grinders produce a large amount of either dust or sparks. So suitable protective equipment should be used. In almost all uses this should include goggles, gloves, ear defenders and dust mask. Make sure you are not wearing loose clothing which may get caught by the machine. When cutting or grinding metal, sparks will be produced, which are not only painful when they land on you, but they could also potentially start a fire. So protective clothing should at least be made from a material which will not melt, but also maybe, fire retardant. Consideration should also be give to the environment you are working in, to make sure there is nothing combustible near to where you are working.

    Cutting masonry produces large quantities of dust, so in addition to the items mentioned above, a dust mask or respirator is essential. Again the situation you are working in should be considered and doors to other parts of the property sealed, or neighbours washing taken in before proceeding with the cutting. When you have finished with the machine, you should make sure the disc has stopped revolving before putting it down.

  • Wall Chaser 4½" Angle Grinder (230v)
    Wall Chaser 4½" Angle Grinder (230v)
    5" Angle Grinder (230v) Metal & Masonry Cutting & Grinding Discs
    5" Angle Grinder (230v) Metal & Masonry Cutting & Grinding Discs

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