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Web site performance - May 9th

This morning at 11 am DMR Limited (who host this site) added a new 192K lease line to their network and have moved the MG Enthusiasts' web server so that it uses this bandwidth.

As you can see from the graph we are using nearly a third of the bandwidth available which would indicate that performance should have improved.

Can you help us

It would be particularly helpful if you could answer a few questions to help us tune the performance of this server even more:




How long does it take to load this page (in seconds)
You can press RELOAD to time it

What connection do you have to the internet?

Does the site seem to be accessible faster than last week?

What browser are you using?

if other please state name and whether it supports frames and tables

Any other comments

That's it - now just press submit please!

Thank you for your time!

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