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One More For Colorado

Just to let other TC enthusiasts know that there is another car located on the western slope of the Colorado Rockies.

I bought my 1946 TC in 1975 in Uxbridge, England. It had been up on blocks in a dealer's barn, with an original 60,000 miles on it, having been bought from the original owner, a former RAF pilot from WWII. I had the car shipped through the Great Lakes to Chicago, where I lived at that time. Unfortunately, the Illinois Dept. of Motor Vehicles required the log-book (which stays with the car in England), and promised to return it after registering it. They never did, and after repeated inquiries, I learned that it had been destroyed along with other registration applications, apparently done every couple of years. I was never able to find the original owner, even though I had copies of the data.

The car had unfortunately had gone through a partial cowl reconstruction, using window putty and brushed paint to cover some rust. Other than that, it is in unrestored condition, although I have found time to replace the clutch and service the drive train, engine and reset the SU carburetors so that it runs very well. It is crying out for restoration, and it will be a principal project as soon as my ranch construction is complete, hopefully in another year.

I am a retired design engineer, with a reasonably complete shop that includes lathes, mills, surface grinder, optical comparator, etc., so that the car will (hopefully) get the car it deserves. I will be looking for parts, upholstery, etc., and sources would be welcome. I used to run TC's in Connecticut (Anyone remember Hansen-McPhee in Bedford, Mass.?) at Thompson and ran Mt. Ascutney, etc., with two used (but heavily modified) TC's that I bought as a student (around $600-700 apiece in those days) in Massachusetts in the early 50's (tore up the ring gear in one, fixed it, sold it, and then bought the other, both '48's). I ran 16" wires with 450-16 motorcycle tires on them, and kept the 19" wheels for show, which I'm doing again with my 1946, except this one won't be raced. I'd love to see (and photograph) any restored-to-original TC's that swing through Ridgway, CO., so please call if you are in the area (Telluride, etc.). Phone number is 970-626-5882

Austin R. Baer <>

Owners in Colorado, USA

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