Caption Competition

We have seen a lot of MG photographs in the four years that we have been running this site, but this one was well, quite different and deserved some extra attention.

So we had to have a caption competition and this is how you voted:

The results

  1. For Sale, MG Metro, 1 careful owner, extras include wood trim.
  2. Hi, my name is Jack, and that's the LAST time I leave my magic beans on the front seat :-)
  3. "But Constable, it's the only way our dog will make a long trip"
  4. We still think it's restorable!
  5. The rear window sticker says "My other trees an Oak"
  6. (sung in Monty Python style) "Oh, I'm a lumberjack, and I'm OK..."
  7. "Hi mom , I traded the Jag for this MG and a bag of magic seeds."
Voting has now closed. The results are shown above in the order that you voted them.

The winner is Adrian Panton and will receive an official MG Cars Supersports poster.

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