Special Trade Offers

special price
Brand new 3.9 (98) spec. Short Engine, Inc cam and timing chain set£ 745.00£ 695.00
Brand new 4.6 cross-bolted V8 Short Engine£ 1320.00£1275.00
3.9 Efi cam unboxed new worth 8 10 bhp for 3.5. Smooth idle£ 40.00£ 35.00
New Oil Pump base plate Inc. Oil pressure transmitter£ 65.00£ 60.00
Webber/Edelbrock 4 barrel Carb.£ 215.00£ 195.00
Edelbrock Hi Torque inlet manifold£ 135.00£ 130.00
Edelbrock duplex timing chain set (As Cloyes)£ 55.00£ 49.00
JP Duplex timing chain set£ 38.00£ 32.00

Further discounts can always be considered for larger quantities. Also a minimum of ten% off any Rpi retail prices of stock items; we cannot guarantee this in non stock items but almost everything for the V8 is in stock.

To take advantage of these reduced prices email Chris Crane <rpi@rpi-engineering.co.uk> quoting reference http://www.mg-cars.org.uk

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