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Cold Comfort

I just found this site by chance while surfing the web - I have a 71 B Roadster but am also the Business Manager for Trigard coolants. I found the reference to Trigard coolants from Mr Mantle and thought I would let you know that they will be much more widely available this year in the Comma Coldstream brand.

Coldstream will be available in all Finelist outlets and in selected Halfords stores. We hope to get it into all Halfords stores before the end of the year. To help you find it we have created a web site called COOLANTS.COM which also gives you a wealth of information on coolants and antifreeze in general.

Trigard is not a brand in itself but more a sign of quality and safety so that users can be confident the product is made with very high quality inhibitors (similar to the package used by Volvo and Mercedes) as well as being based on propylene glycol instead of ethylene glycol which is toxic. (You would be surprised how many people and pets get poisoned by antifreeze each year and not all are the people are suicide cases. EG can also be absorbed through the skin).

I have had Coldsteam in my B for four years without a change without any problems. I expect to change it soon though as four years, or 60,000 miles is about the limit of the inhibitor life. Hope this helps.

This is not meant to be a commercial but hope it helps clear up some misunderstanding and helps people find the product.

Roger Dingley <>

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