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Secure storage for your car

Carbank have some good news for expatriates:

You can have your car stored in the UK so that when visiting it is ready to use. They offer the full secure storage package:

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Press Release

Congratulations to CARBANK and founder Bob Burbidge on their 10th anniversary! (If only I had known about them then, I wouldn't have had to sell the car ...)

Working overseas, one of the many problems needing solving is what to do the with car(s). On our first posting we left it in our own garage, in agreement with our tenants. Then they wanted access to the garage, so it was left with friends. Then the friends needed the space and we felt this was the end of the road. And in the end we had to sell it. But every time we came over to the UK on leave, it really hurt to have to pay so much in car rental charges

Bob Burbidge offers the ideal solution for this commmon situation. In fact, he'll also take in your caravan, your yacht and light aircraft as well, if you happen to be lucky enough to own one! You could even leave your furniture with him too - I'm not joking.

Carbank's offices are close to Gatwick and motorways, but unless you actually want to come and pay your vehicle a personal visit, the location doesn't matter because Carbank's tailormade service includes both collecting and bringing it to you, wherever you happen to need it.

Bob really understands how you feel about this car business. He himself worked in Australia and the Far East. When he returned to the UK, he offered to look after a friend's car whilst he was away in the Gulf. This led to the germ of a business idea; why not provide a high-quality car storage service for other expatriates too? It took detailed market research and planning and when a huge nearby building, ideal for storage, became vacant, Bob decided to make this into a business.

That was twelve years ago and now the expatriate client can choose from a sophisticated programme of options, ranging from simple storage to a regular maintenance programme which can include battery boosting, M.O.T. and repairs, competitive insurance cover and licensing renewal. Spouses take note; tender loving care is the keyword and every car is treated like an individual.

Carbank should definitely be included in the expatriate package?

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