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MGCC Anglia Phoenix Challenge

Round 2 - 3rd April, Sunday. RESULTS

MGCC Race Meeting at Brands Hatch, Kent

A damp and drizzly Brands Hatch was the seen for the second round of the 1999 Anglia Phoenix Challenge and once again a full grid was in prospect for the race. Over the winter a number of of changes have been made at the kent circuit and on the indy circuit Graham Hill Bend was been made slower with a straighter run away to Surtees.
Morning practice was stopped almost before it had started when the MG BGT of Darby came to a halt at the exit of Graham Hill Bend with mechanical malidies that meant the end of James' day. When the session restarted a number of the quicker cars found themselves in traffic, which in the greasy conditions gave a slightly odd look to the grid for the race.
The weather conditions improved during the early afternoon giving hope of a dry track for the race, however as the competitors collected for the race the drizzle returned to add that extra uncertainty to preceedings.
...and the Race
As the cars formed up on the grid for the start of the race there was just enough drizzle for the odd flick of the wipers to be seen and the previously obvious dry line around the track to have faded. When the red lights went out the field made a clean getaway and the first lap proceeded with out major mishap, unfortunately Amphlett in his MGB made an error at Paddock Bend and found himself off the track and stuck in the gravel trap at the bottom of the hill. As the Team Cowley RV8 of Bowles came through Paddock at the start of lap 4 he found himself repeating the events that overtook Amphlett on lap 2 and arrived in the boot of the already trapped MGB. The race was promptly stopped to allow the marshals to cleanup in safety.
Come the restart the metro of Brooke and the midget of Polley were reluctant to continue, while at the front Kettleborough in the MGF was slow away and was headed by Spencer. Things settled after a couple of laps, Kettleborough regaining the lead to the finish, followed by Spencer, Howe and Sidery-Smith. The only real mover was Young, but although a late charge took him past Brooke in the BGT with ease he failed to make enough time on aggregate.
Post race scrutineering reveiled two cars to be underweight and they where demoted to the tail of the field.

The Results
PlaceNoClassDriver CarLapsRace TimeFastest Lap
15ADon KettleboroughMGF1010:36.471:00.98
24BJohn SpencerMG Midget1010:44.431:02.29
31ETony HoweMG Metro1010:51.291:03.20
455BBarry Sidery-SmithMGB1010:53.471:02.17
511BDavid BrookeMGB GT V81011:11.201:04.57
669BMalcolm YoungMGB1011:12.111:03.56
799CMartin WattersMGB GT1011:19.061:05.00
854BPiers TownsendMGB1011:20.371:04.57
977CRobert MarcusMG Midget1011:20.621:04.31
1041BDominic HollingdaleMG RV81011:28.521:04.95
119CPeter WhiteMG Midget1011:29.981:05.00
1231BMichael DarceyMGB GT1011:39.111:06.54
1323EPeter WestonMG Metro1011:40.231:06.11
1478ATony DavisMG Midget1012:06.521:08.55
1510CBrian FishMGB GT1012:09.621:09.83
1632CDave BrownMG Midget911:14.281:10.48
1752CJohn SetchellMGF911:19.531:10.48
18*18CDave KimberMGB1011:05.541:04.17
19*40CAndrew ParrottMG Midget912:15.741:17.57
*Failed post race scrutineering.
Not Classified
29CJames PittMGB810:04.781:10.30
35AStuart Musk MG Midget810:12.011:03.55
42CPaul AtkinsonMGB45:50.851:13.63
45BSteve BowlesMG RV822:23.801:07.23
44EAlan BrookeMG Metro22:29.641:09.16
59CSimon PolIeyMG Midget22:44.321:14.75
74CDavid AmphlettMGB11:21.801:21.80
Fastest Lap
5ADon KettleboroughMGF101:00.98
55BBarry Sidery-SmithMGB101:02.17
18CDave KimberMGB101:04.17
1ETony HoweMG Metro101:03.20

Compiled by David Brooke <>

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