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Improved Windstop from Newton Commercial

New windstop Newton Commercial are pleased to announce the launch of their new, improved Windstop. The benefits will be in the ease of fitting (no drilled holes required), the very slightly reduced height (to ensure that it doesn't scratch the soft top window when it is pushed down) and best of all... IT'S CHEAPER AS WELL!

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Listed below is a copy of the fitting instructions text so that you can see how easy it is to fit.

These windstops are now in stock. Should you wish any further information please feel free to contact us.



Philips screwdriver, 8 mm & 13 mm spanners

Please read these instructions carefully to familiarise yourself with this operation. It is not difficult and should take you about half an hour. It will be necessary to lift the "T" bar away from the bulkhead to fit the brackets. You will not have to remove it completely.


1)Fold the hood frame back onto the rear shelf. Push the seats forward and tilt them forward using the recliner wheel.

2) Remove the three screws (X) holding the hood roll cover attachments on top of the "T" bar.

3) Under the "T" bar there are six plastic clips holding the bar in place (A). By pulling the end of the bar gently towards the front of the car, these clips will release. The two centre clips will release in the same direction. Lift the hood frame slightly and the bar will come away. Let the bar drop and rest against the back of the seats. This operation will expose a metal bar running across the car (B). At each end of this bar you will see two 8 mm bolt heads attaching the bar to the bodywork. Remove the lower outer bolts (C)


The metal brackets have already been assembled for you, so just bolt them to
the cross member as per the diagram. Push the bracket upwards to allow the
"T" bar to be fitted back in place.


1)Refit (if necessary)the six plastic clips in the "T" bar. Lift the hood frame and position bar on top of holes to accept the plastic clips. Push the outer clips into the holes first and then the centre ones. Make sure the end of the bar sits inside the door draft excluder.

2) Replace the screws and hood roll cover attachments on the top surface.

3) The Windstop itself can now be fitted to the brackets. We would suggest that the cavity side of the Windstop is fitted towards the front of the car. Place the plastic washers between the Windstop and the bracket. Tighten all the bolts to be sure that the Windstop is secure but moveable. To be totally effective you can let the base of the Windstop rest on the top of the "T" bar.

Happy motoring from Newton Commercial

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