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University Motors Last Summer Party

University Motors Ltd formally announced today that this summer's event, their 23rd ANNUAL MG SUMMER PARTY, featuring the MGC and MGC/GT, would be their last regularly scheduled Summer Party. John Twist and Caroline Robinson, owners of University Motors and organisers of the Summer Party, cited increasing pressure on their time and energies as the main reason to end this largest of all MG events in North America. "Our children are entering their teenage years, and, after 23 Summer Parties, we just need a break", said Twist. He suggested that MG enthusiasts attend the NAMGBR event in Cleveland in 2000 and the all-register event in Minneapolis in 2001. "We'll hold an MG SUMMER PARTY RE-UNION down the road several years", suggested Twist.

This summer's event will be held in conjunction with the American MGC Register's Challenge of Brute Agressives Mark XIX. Scheduled for August 19-22, this year's event features Graham Robson, British motoring author, as the special guest. The organisers are calling on ALL MGC owners to attend with their six cylinder roadsters and GTs to complete the Sea of C's, or 100 MGCs on the display field.

Details concerning the event can be found on University Motors website at or by contact University Motors, 6490 East Fulton Street, Ada, Michigan, 49301 USA, (616) 682 0800 or FAX (616) 682 0801.

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