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10th January 2003

British Trade Conference

John Twist of University Motors and Carl Heideman of Eclectic Motorworks, both of West Michigan, USA, have proposed the acronym BAPSARA - British Automotive Parts Service and Restoration Association for the professional trade association to be formed in March 2003.

Invitations have been sent to 325 parts suppliers, service shops, and magazines and event organizers throughout North America for the Trade Conference, scheduled for March 7-9, 2003, in Ada (Grand Rapids), Michigan.

The organisers urge manufacturers, suppliers, service and restoration shop owners, magazine publishers, event organizers, and others associated with the British Car Trade to attend "because we DO have a choice in our future."

John Twist further states, "A cohesive group, acting in concert, can hae a powerful effect on the future of any trade; we are no different." The goal of this new association will be to foster communication and mutual cooperation among the suppliers, shops, and magazines to raise the bar, strive for quality, introduce new products and services, and to reach for new, younger owners.

Further information

During the weekend of March 7-9, 2003, University Motors and Eclectic Motorworks both of West Michigan will host a British Trade Conference to discuss and develop better collaboration between shops, manufacturers/suppliers, and magazines (commercial and club-related) for the benefit of the British car trade.

This will not be a conference for shops to complain about parts, for suppliers to complain about cheap customers, or for the projection of the demise of our trade. Instead, we will plan how we can constructively work together to increase quality, satisfaction, market size, and long-term profitability. We wish to raise the bar for the British car trade.

Our customers want cars that are enjoyable. In addition to the inherent collector appeal, they like to show them off at events and in magazines. They want their cars to be as reliable as their modern cars, and they want shops and parts they can trust.

This conference will examine the important relationship between shops, manufacturers/suppliers, and magazines:

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