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15th January 2003

New FIA MG racing series

Rear of 6DBL Many Thanks to all of those MG enthusiasts who raced with us at Monthléry last june.

We all had a really good time with the weather, the food, the wine and the races …

Those of you who did not attend misssed out on a really good time at a historic event !

We had the first ever all FIA MGB race in the world, it was warmlly received by many onlookers, event organisers, media, and others.

As a result, we have been offered by the organising team at Montlhéry a return to this event in 2003, along with some other prominent historic events.

We have organised for 2003 a similar format of week-ends racing for only FIA registred MG cars (MGB, MGA, Midget) with the possibility of some financial backing which hopefully has been offered by several interrested sponsors.

So, come and join us !!!

Barry Sidery Smith, Dave Saunders, Jim Lowry & Christophe Wilmart

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