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6th March 2003


Free fuel! "Petrol for free, we don’t think Gordon would approve of this. It’s far too generous but we thought overtaxed car drivers would appreciate the idea," said sales and marketing director John Sanders.

The free fuel promotion that put over 8,000 car buyers behind the wheel of a new MG or Rover car since January is according to John Sanders: "one of the cheekiest and most innovative promotional campaigns we’ve ever tried."

MG Rover Group is taking the idea to its ultimate limits. MG Rover staff, disguised as Gordon Brown, arrive at filling stations around the country completely un-announced and spontaneously offer to pay for a customer’s fuel in order to promote the campaign, which runs until the end of March 2003.

MG Rover Group’s innovative promotion provides ‘free fuel until 2004’ for customers buying MG and Rover cars registered before 31 March 2003.

Issued by MG Rover Group Communications

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