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Charlie White <> has contacted us with details of a collection of Original MG Sales Brochures. He is interested in selling these MG sales brochures, most in colour or would trade same for Porsche material. Charlie's telephone number is (USA) 602-468-1090 8AM to 5PM. :


  1. Triple folder, 8 1/2 x 5 1/5 in., Pub. No. NEL.235A, MG-TD, "Safety First", red roadster on cover #7 in racing scene. Publication date 10/52. All Color. Interior shows red roadster in snowy mountain scene, performance data, options, and various pictures of car. Back cover shows specifications (1952) Printed in GB.
  2. Single folder, 7 3/4 x 9 1/4 in., Pub. No. HTC3-10-53, MG-TF, "Captured Pleasure in the New TF-Series MG", Red roadster on cover, inside shows specifications, red roadster with front hood up, all color, back shows body/trim color chips, and picture of wire wheels option. (1953) Printed in GB.
  3. Booklet 8 pgs, 4 x 9 inches, Pub. No. HTC 11-15-54, "There's a new 'bee' in its bonet", MG-TF, all pages red/white/black/gray. Cover shows MG emblem on radiator, inside picture of MG Special at Bonneville Salt Flats, Black Roadster, specifications, line-drawings/dimensions, back cover "Safety First" (1954) Printed USA.
  4. Folder, 3 1/8 x 7 1/4 inc., no Pub No., purple cover with winking ladies, "Man! smooth - powerful-", MGA 1600, inside shows view looking down on MGA roadster "The New MGA 1600" (1959 or 1960) Printed USA.
  5. Triple Folder, 3 1/2 x 7 in., Pub No. HAC-5754, "Your Key to Sports Car Fun!", all pages red/white/black/gray. Cover shows MG key, and front of MGA, inside shows b&w picture of MGA roadster & coupe w/steering wheel, various pictures of suspension, motor, seats, trunk, chassis, line drawings of car from side/top, back cover shows specifications. (1957 or 1958) Printed USA.
  6. Triple Folder, 8 1/2 x 11 in., (opens up to 25 1/2 x 22 in.), Pub No. E.6121, 23/198 (36441) 5/61-75m. All color. MGA 1600 Mark II, "More Power" on white cover with colored curved lines, inside, red roadster, bold coupe, white coupe, blue roadster from rear, pictures of engine, chassis, brakes, dashboard, lights, disc. brakes, etc. Back cover yellow & white-specifications & dimensions. (1961) Printed in GB.
  7. Folder, 8 1/2 x 11 in., Pub. no. 23/208 (36334 5.6a - 10m, MGA 1600 Mark II, similar to #6, "More Power to your Safety" on white cover, with b&w roadster, and orange curved lines, inside orange, black & white, orange roadster with pictures of engine, lights, brakes, back cover specifications & dimensions (1961) Printed in GB.
  8. Folder, 8 1/2 x 11 in., Pub. no. E5836, 23/181 (14288) 4/59-80m, "Now... a Special Top Performance MGA (Disc Brakes & Twin Overhead Camshafts), MGA Twin Cam, Black/White/Red cover with MGA roadster (airbrushed knockoff wheels), inside sketch of twin cam motor in car, performance & specs, picture of disc brakes, rear cover options and performance graph. (1958) Printed in GB.
  9. Double Folder, 8 1/4 x 11 in., Pub. no. E.5812, 23/23 (12378) 3/58-100m, the new MG Series MGA, blue roadster w/lady on cover, inside red roadster (right hand drive), picture black roadster w/white top, further inside picture white roadster side view, picture of white coupe, motor, and chassis. Options and dimension drawings, back cover front blue MGA with specifications (1958) Printed in GB.
  10. Booklet, 9 x 4 in., Pub. no. HAC 4-30-56, 8 pages, "A New Chapter in MG History (MGA), lt. green cover with side view of MGA roadster, inside pictures white roadster, race scene with 3 MGs, drawings of chassis, motor, and suspension, seats, rear trunk, specifications and dimensions (1956) Printed USA.
  11. Double Folder, 8 1/2 x 11 in., Pub. no. H & E 5666, "First of a New Line (MGA), cover shows blue roadster on yellow background w/red letters, inside green drawing roadster, further inside, red coupe, pictures of engine, seats, trunk, suspension, chassis, etc, dimension drawings, rear cover yellow & white with specifications and options, (1956 or 1957) Printed in GB.

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