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How a Web Ring Works

The MG Site Ring only has links between member web sites. It does not have people as members. The sole purpose for existence of the MG Site Ring is to create serial links between a number of independent web sites with MG specific interest content. The "root" web site is here: This site has no purpose except to promote this serial linking function. The list of all linked web sites is here:

The web ring is like a large number of people standing in a circle holding hands, all linked together. If one person lets go the ring is broken and becomes non-functional. To make this work every member web site must contain the MG Site Ring linking block on the web page which is designated for linking to the Ring. Each web site has a unique Site ID number in the linking code. The web ring server can then process the click requests for a browser to jump from one member web site to the next in serial fashion. That's all that the web ring does. This requires that you must add the MG Site Ring linking code to your web page. Your web site cannot be connected to the MG Site Ring without this code block appearing on your web page.

Why The Ring Link Needs To Appear On Your Home Page

For a visitor taking a tour around the Web Ring, it is necessary for the visitor to be able to find the Ring link easily no matter where they may be browsing in your web site. The "traditional" reaction is to return to your home page to find the Ring link (which is commonly at the bottom of the home page). If the Ring link is not there then function of the Web Ring is effectively broken, as the visitor cannot find the link to continue the tour around the Ring. It is unacceptable for the visitor to have to search all over your web site looking for "the back door" where they came into your web site, and now want to exit by the same door.

To place the Web Ring link on any other page of the web site, there must be a VERY BOLD AND OBVIOUS LINK on the home page, or in a side frame that always appears with the home page. That link would have to be labeled "MG Site Ring" (or maybe "Web Ring Links" if there is more than one), and connect immediately to the web page containing the MG Site Ring linking block. This is one extra step for the Ring visitor, but at least it would not entirely disable the Web Ring function. It is also an admininistrative pain for the Ring manager who has to check the linking function of every web site in the Ring periodically.

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