Linking the World of MG Cars Together

Step 1. Register your site with us (if you are here you probably already done this).
Only sites with content about MG Cars
and with a valid MG Site Ring linking block
will be added to the ring - NO EXCEPTIONS!

Step 2. Copy and paste the HTML fragment sent to you into your home page using an HTML editor or any program that allows you to edit raw code - 'Notepad' is very good for this. You must do this within 3 days or you will have to re-apply.
The MG Site Ring linking block must appear
on your designated Ring linking page. ( Why? )

Step 3. Upload your edited page to your server.

Step 4. When you have checked the panel displays correctly, E-mail me to say you have done all the above, along with the URL and your site ID number. I will then check the page, and add you to the ring.

Do not copy the example below - it will not work for you. Only use the HTML code supplied to you by email - it is unique to your site, containing your unique Site ID Number.

Linking the World of MG Cars Together
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