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Extended Warranty

You have up to 10 months to extend your Rover 12 month warranty - one or two people who have had problems with their cars have had their warrantee extended free of charge when they have experienced inconvenience so it may be worth waiting six months or so before extending the warrantee if you intend to do so.

Collection Checklist

  1. 30 day/1000 mile money back no quibble guarantee - if you are unhappy with the car for any reason you can always hand it back under this Rover satisfaction guarantee or ask for another e.g., if you decide you don’t like the colour. I don’t think many other car manufacturers offer this kind of a deal - so this should allay any fears. Your dealer will explain this to you on the day you take delivery. There is £150 damage clause so if you do hand the car back it should be still in one piece!
  2. PDI checklist - ask to have a copy of it. This is a list of checks that the car is supposed to go through prior to handing it over to you. It’s another piece of paper to add to your collection
  3. Ask the dealer “If I have any problems with the car do I get a courtesy car whilst mine is being put right? And is the courtesy car an F?” NB. Not many dealers will give you an F courtesy car, unless you have major problems, or you push very hard.
  4. Ask the dealer to show you how to bypass the alarm system if the bleeper fails..... the batteries don’t last forever.
  5. MG Car Club Free membership - you should get this with your new F. But not all dealers seem to take the trouble. Make sure your dealer is going to fill in the paperwork and send your details to the MGCC.
  6. Get the dealer to demonstrate the softtop. Even if your car arrives with a hardtop fitted ask them to take it off and demonstrate the operation of the soft top. It will be difficult to close the top the first time, as it fits very tightly.
  7. Test the alarm by leaning over the car when the hood is down and removing something from the seat.
  8. Test windows seal with hardtop and soft top. Check for any gaps between the glass and the rubber seals.
  9. Don’t sign the bit of paper until you have given the car a really thorough looking at. Look at the paint on you door edges and bumpers very closely as apportioning blame may be difficult after you drive the car away.
  10. Visually check body panels for good even fit.
  11. Read this FAQ for further info

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Insurance Prices

Insurance prices as of November 1996 varied between 270 and 430, so it pays to shop around. Check if you get discount for being a member of the MG Car Club (1st year membership free with a new MGF). Also check the amount of excess you will have to pay.

SRS Warning Light

The following is for information only. From a safety point of view you should get your MGF checked if the SRS warning light comes on, as per the manual.

If you find that your SRS warning light comes on and stays on, check the wiring to the 'explosive' seatbelt restraints. The wiring is under the seat and comes up from under the carpet and goes into the seat itself. The position of the wiring means that it can easily get trapped under a metal bar that rests on the carpet. Moving the seat back or forward can then pull the connector apart.

How to access the engine under the hood

First release the clips that hold the lower rear end of the soft-top to the back parcel shelf. Raise the rear of the soft top toward the front of the car. Then remove all the parcel shelf trim and layers of sound insulation to reveal the engine compartment cover and undo about 10 small bolts that hold the cover down, lift it off to reveal the engine in all its glory.

Changing the oil

While the engine cover is off you can change the oil - there's a proper filler cap on top of the engine and you can pour oil in there far more easily than the proper way which is in effect 'down the dipstick tube' or you can drain the oil and access the filter from the side, just in front of the rear right hand side wheel.
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