Bandai Model

This model was made in Japan by a company named Bandai. It was part of the "Automobiles of the World" series. The picture of the model is off the eBay. There was a convertible and a hardtop version made. I saw this one go unsold at $122 because the reserve wasn't met. That one was even missing one hubcap. That is a serious amount of money, and it hadn't even met reserve. So if you see one of these, snap it up! This is a rare model. Both a convertible version and a hard top version were made. I saw one in a box sell for $500 and another out of a box for $350.

This is a stupid realplayer video of my very own Bandai Magnette getting attacked by my cat. These are supposed to be friction toys, but mine had to be pulled with dental floss. Seriously corny, but I promised movies, right?