From Neil in England:

  The Farina MG Magnette is of late 1950's Italian styling school, with sharp Pinin Farina edges, ( very similar to the French Peugeot of that time, also styled by the Italian stylist, Farina.) It has a somewhat pleasing, boxy shape. The body is of the three-box type, engine at the front, passengers in the middle, luggage at the back. It is a very roomy car for a British design. Farina used the American rear fins to accentuate the rear of the car, with upright, cathederal like rear light fittings. The front end is a traditional chrome MG grille, with fluting in the bonnet (hood) as on the MGB, above the octagonal MG badge. Chrome work is used to 'lengthen' the car with a waist level stripe, and bumpers are very heavily chromed, again in the American style. There are styling differences between the Mk3 and Mk4 cars, but not obvious. A Mk4 has wheel trims, a Mk3 has open painted wheels. Virtually no Mk4's went to the USA. There are four other BMC models using a similar body.

From John in America:

While the English might walk by the Magnette and not notice it as anything more than a tarted up Austin, in America this thing really attracts attention.  First of all, so few people have even heard of this car that seeing one at all is very amazing.  Long time MG expert-owners have never seen this car pr even heard of it.  People who think they know all that is MG are rather surprised to find a post-war MG they don't know about.  A rabid enthusiast such as myself have only seen three in my life.  One is in the Westminster MG Museum in Westminster Vermont, a second in my driveway, and the third I almost bought for $800 until my mother ruled it out!  In terms of good looks, especially with two-tone, this car can win shows easily.  There are too many good MGBs out there to win a popular vote.  A well-restored Magnette can be sort of a black-horse canidate and win at a local popular vote show here in America. A few words on the styling...  Many people say "Nash Rambler" when they see this thing, or Studebaker.  It is very similar to both.  To gain affection and value for this car, you need only say "Rare Pinninfarina Body MG Sedan".