Parts Department

If you are interested in buying a Farina Magnette, but are worried about parts supplies for such a rare vehicle, don't be. For several reasons, parts are affordable and available.

Basically, to sum it up, there are no parts which you cannot obtain. Parts which cannot be obtained new are almost invariably available used.

If you are in the United States, your best bet for Farina parts interchangeable with the more popular MGAs, MGBs and Austin Healeys is The Little British Car Company, or any other Moss Distributor. In the UK, or for model specific parts, there are two major sources: NTG Services and Earlpart
Used parts are best sourced from Mick Holehouse, who either has it or knows who might.
If you are in America, and in a pinch, you can try Kip Motors.


In the UK, parts are remarkably easy to find. When Mick invited me to the Peterborough car show, the field was just littered in inexpensive parts! Mick himself has garages full of NOS and second hand parts from which he has drawn parts to get me out of jam for a reasonable price.


Brakes and Suspension:

A99 & A110:



Gearbox & Clutch:




Secondhand Parts:

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