Graphoref 13

Graphoref 13 is a condensed version of the service parts list. It was printed with 11 languages all in one book. These books were issued to owners so that they could order parts on thier own. There was a bizzare system of codes within the book that were used as follows...

To ensure prompt and correct execution of your order the following procedure must be adhered to:
State in the following order:
1) Reference this book (Graphoref 13).
2) Quantity required, written in words
3) Illustration page letters.
4) Illustration part number.
5) If parts such as pistons, crankshaft bearings, spacing washers, or shims are ordered, state in brackets the size required.
6) If handed parts such as stub axles and brake plates are ordered, state in words whether right hand or left hand is required.
7) Car serial number. 8) When ordering parts for either the engine, gearbox or rear axle, the applicable serial numbers must be quoted.

Dispatch immediately. Graphoref 13. Four A22 (.020 in. oversize).
One AB46, one KB1 right hand. Car GHS1-501 Engine 15GE-U-H-301.

This will be decoded by your Distributor or Dealer as follows:
Dispatch immediately, for piston rings--plain--compression--top (.020 in. oversize); one cylinder head gasket; and one brake backplate--right hand for Car No. GHS1-501, Engine No. 15GE-U-H-301.

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