The MG Warranty

In the US, the warranty and service were quite different. For starters, the warranty expressly did not cover "tyres, speedometers, or electrical equipment, or proprietary articles or goods (including the coachwork) not of the Manufacturer's own manufacture, although supplied by the Company for which no Warranty is given by the Manufacturer or is to be implied." Well gee, thanks.
The first picture is of "The MG Warranty" which has enough clauses to mean it worthless. This copy has a perferation on the edge and it is suspected that there were once other parts attached. The second picture shows the service agreement, front and back. Once in at 1000 miles, and again at 4000 and from there you were on your own. Thirdly is the neat little envelope the salesman hopes-to-god you don't open until the check has cleared.

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