The K&R Replicas Model

Completed Model

I recently had the enjoyable experience of building a scale MG Farina Magnette model supplied by K&R Replicas.  Thier little Magnette model, in 1/43 scale, was an absolute delight to build. Included in the kit was an extremely body shell, individual seats, dash, door panels, axle, plus dozens of individual chrome pieces, and real rubber tires.  It is a masterpiece in the model-makers art.  Even though this is surely a low-volume product, there is virtually no detail spared and proportions are spot-on.  Best of all, because of good design, this model can be enjoyably built by first time builders yet also prove a challenge for experiences modelers.

This is a white metal model.  If you've never built a white-metal model, don't be put off .  Although K&R Replicas offers these models in a pre-built form, and the main components aren't very difficult to assemble.  If you've ever made a plastic model, you can build a white-metal model.

What is white metal?  White metal is very similiar to lead in its softness.  It can be sanded, cut, and even bended slightly.  Compared to plastic, it is a much more forgiving material to work with.  Best of all, just like plastic model, it can be glued together.  I used a glue called Duco from a local hobby store.  

Full instructions are included in the kit, but I have a few additional hint about white metal modeling:

This was a great kit.  Not all white metal model kits are of this quality.  Some model makers make the model with seperate bonnets (that never look right), undistinctive wheels, or skimp on the chrome.  Sometimes model makers get the proportions all wrong.  It can be tempting, especially on models like this with low volume, to try to commonize parts between different models and make them close, but not quite right.  K&R Replicas is owed credit for making a great model, with perfect proportions, at a reasonable price.

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