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Using RealPlayer, you can watch A REAL LIVE MAGNETTE, actually RUNNING! Yes this is the only known tape of a genuine, real, running Farina Magnette! See it chased by an MGC! See it defy gravity and drive sideways! See it with its hood up!
Notes: 1) You have to wait until the song you hear now ends before you can hear the audio on the videos... You aren't missing much. Send your guesses of this song is to me.
2) These really are short clips. Honest. Write me and let me know if you rather it take longer to download for better audio/video.

Car Show, MGB-GT, Blue Ridge Parkway200k

Out the back window110k

Club says hi... cars drive by360k

MGC-GT races the Magnette320k

Catching the Speedy Magnette81k

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