The newsletter was started by Neil Cairns, and taken over in 1999 by Mick Holehouse. We have here almost every newsletter since 1999 courtesy of Allen Batchelder's rat packing. These are in PDF format. It might be easier to download than view online depending on how fast your connection is.
Issue 48 More Argie Maggies, Low Mileage Maggie. Issue 47 IKA Magnette, Celebrity Farinas, Argenta Farinas.
Issue 46 Riley Riviera Discovery, The Argenta, More Accessories, Magnette Towed by Elephant in Sri Lanka, Canadian Farinas, Guyana A60. Issue 45 Farina Projectin Maine, Accessories.
Issue 44 Cypriot Riley, Styling, Theft! Issue 43 Michigan Magnette Junk, US Magnette, Canadian Magnette.
Issue 42 Color Christmas Issue: SWedish Magnette, Mk 5 Magnette?, Argentine MG 1650 Issue 41 is Missing
Issue 40 Magnette Street Rod (now a sofa), More Plush vs. Basic Farinas Issue 39 Riley Rebuild, MG Evolution
Issue 38 Magnette Ferry Trip, Nyasaland Magnette, Plush Farinas vs Basic Farinas. Issue 37 Riley Earns it's Keep, Roll Bars, Another Oldest Riley.
Issue 36 H.M. The Queen's Golden Jubilee Edition, Magnette Wedding Car, More BMC Recollections. Issue 35 Tamil Tigers Terrorist Austin Cambridge, BMC Gearbox, Howard Ellis's A60
Issue 34 Karen Wolford's Magnette, More Farina Recollections, Aussie Maggies Issue 33 Dutch Magnette, Magnettes in Print, Childhood Farina Memories, Oldest Riley
Issues 32 thru 29 are missing Issue 28 BMC Agent in Bahrain, Andrew Idle Bio, Cyprus Again.
Issue 27 Riley in Cyprus, Engine Differences, Farina Police Cars. Issue 26 Special Color Millenium Issue, Rescued Cars, Products, Badge Engineering, NYC Magnette, Sweden Farinas.
Issue 25 Peterborough Rally, Riley Riviera, Farina 5-Speed. Issue 24 Rally Report, the BMC Blue Streak, Unleaded Petrol.
Issue 23 Mick's very first issue! Details overriders, and a feature article on mileage.