Magnette Reading List
Books and Magazine Articles

This information was collected by Neil Cairns


Many can still be found via firms like Mill House Books, 01205 270377, Richard Hunt 01294 470773, or Margaret Motors, 01603 407747, ( last two hold second hand workshop manuals or thorough internet sources.


Good for a read, old magazines provide lots of information, and often good photos.  Phone numbers are given as some supply back-numbers, or photo copies.

Popular Classics,( Now part of Practical Classics). 01858 468888

Classic Car Weekly, 01733237111.

Popular Motoring

Practical Motorist, (out of print)

Practical Classics Magazine, 01733 238855

AutoClassic, Austin A90 Monte Carlo Car, Wed. February 13th 1991, 0181 943 5955

The Motor,BMC Competitions Dept. Jan. 1956.

MotorSport, BMCProducts, Jan. 1964.

Autocar t Motor,Morris Oxford s5, Il March 1992. 0181 943 5000

Daily Mail, Austin A55 advert,Tuesday June 29th 1993.

M.G. Enthusiasts Magazine, 01924 499261.

Enjoying M.G., M.G. Magnette Farinas, Dec 1990, Vol 10. No12. 01954 231125.